By: Neghar On: March 7, 2019 In: heart wisdom, magic, witchy things Comments: 0

The best part about being an empath is feeling everyone else’s feelings. The worst part is feeling everyone else’s feelings.

As an empath, a healer, and a Highly Sensitive Person, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. Before I learned how to manage this gift, I often found myself feeling as though there was something wrong with me. I was too sensitive. Too emotional. TOO MUCH. If you’re a deep feeler, you know exactly what I mean.

But the truth is, being an empath is a GIFT, as long as you know how to wield it. Here are just 3 simple things to remember if you’re someone who feels all the things:

1) Other people’s emotions don’t belong to you. You can hold space for them and help them process, but you absolutely cannot take ownership of their emotions. BOUNDARIES, okay? Boundaries are not walls; they aren’t cold and unfeeling. Rather, they allow us to show up for other people without blurring the lines of which feelings belong to whom.

2) Energy Vampires will be drawn to you if you’ve got empathic traits—they need some of what you’ve got, and they’ll do anything to get it. These are not people you can usually help, and they will leave you feeling depleted and used. Save your energy for people who are willing to break themselves open, and will actually use your empathic abilities to expand into a higher expression of themselves.

3) It’s not a crime to feel deeply. To be sensitive. To be so acutely aware of energetic changes that it sometimes overwhelms you. You’re not too emotional, bb. You’re a child of the fucking stars. Never let anyone convince you that you’re too sensitive—you’re perfect, just as you are.

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