By: Neghar On: January 1, 2020 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

I’m not inspired by the concept of being a “work in progress.” Tbh that phrase kind of annoys me.

I can be whole and also be expanding, all at once. I have become, AND I’m becoming. I am not a work in progress—I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

As the decade comes to a close, and Capricorn season brings the energy of high standards and work ethic, you might find yourself ruminating on all you have yet to accomplish—the ways in which you fail to be enough.

I hope you won’t do that.

I hope that instead, you’ll see that you have become and you are becoming, all at once. You are not a “work in progress.” You have done amazing things and you will do amazing things. You have discovered your magic and you are discovering your magic still. You have grown and you are growing.

You have arrived and you are continuously arriving, again and again.

Say it.

Believe it.

Invoke it.

Receive it.

And so it is.

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