By: Neghar On: February 7, 2019 In: heart wisdom, magic, witchy things Comments: 0

In every moment you are BECOMING —and in those moments you have a choice: to become who you think you’re supposed to be, based on societal standards of beauty, success, and status—or to become more of your authentic yourself, the version of you that shows up unapologetically and courageously, even and especially when it’s the scariest thing you can do. To come home to yourself, to keep choosing yourself.

It’s not a one time choice to stand in your power, to live fully in your magic—you don’t one day decide to reclaim it all and never look back, and never feel the strings of your worthiness tugged upon by shame, comparison, and doubt.

Reclamation is not a singular act, rather a collection of choices you make at any given time as you navigate the messiness of human existence. You can choose now. You can choose again later. You can keep on choosing to believe that you’re 100% that bitch, just as you are.


[POLYCHROME JASPER: for seekers and earth dwellers, for grounding and calming, for connecting to Mother Nature’s ancient wisdom, for the fire energy you need to create and take action, for believing in your own unlimited potential—for trusting that you *are* that bitch and you *can* do the damn thing.]

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