Can I do that?

Most of you know that I recently joined a Crossfit box–Deuce Garage in Venice Beach, to be exact. I actually have my own garage gym at home, complete with all the toys I need and want. And of course, I write training programs for a living, with 15 years experience in training myself and others. The

Bro, do you even floss?

Earlier this Summer, I went to a new dentist. A Persian dentist. Not that his ethnicity really matters in this context, but I suppose some part of me has been craving more interaction with my culture. Maybe I just wanted someone to speak Farsi with? Or maybe I’ve just been brainwashed my entire life to believe

2 Strategies to Overcome Overindulgence

Listen, we’ve all been there. We’ve all overindulged, and lived to regret it. One too many glasses of wine, and you feel like absolute garbage the next day. A sliver of chocolate cake turned into 3 slices, and you’re really  feeling the guilt and remorse. Tacos at 2 am? Sure, why not. Sounds legit. Bloody

On being a rockstar (hint: own it)

I joined a CrossFit gym last week. Yes, I do love training in my garage and I actually enjoy training alone most of the time, but the truth is…I’m sort of lonely. Over the past two years (since moving to Santa Monica) I’m noticing that I have a huge hole in my life where my

7 Ways to Instantly Have a Better Day

You feel me on this? I mean, we all have those days. No matter how relentlessly positive or happy I may seem (and I really am), I still have funks and not-so-great days; days when it seems like just about everything is going wrong. I do my best to make them better and utilize perspective,


Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, warm in January or cool in June–the beach is where you’ll find me. I go to walk my dogs and I go to meditate and clear my head. Sunrise, sunset, and everything in between–the beach is my favorite place to be. Of course, warm, sunny, play in the ocean days