How to get a bikini body

q: How do I get a bikini body? a: Put a bikini on your body. If you typed that question into your search browser, and Google would spit out this answer, it would mean we’ve finally-as a culture-come to a place of real body acceptance. Alas, that isn’t the case–not yet, anyway. Type that question


I get to see the beach every day, which for me (a mermaid at heart) is my absolute happy place. Alas, living in Maryland I felt completely landlocked–3 hours from the shore was just too far. Today-and for the last 2 years (has it really been 2 years?!)-I live 1/2 a mile from the beach…

Join the Bikini Rebellion

The Bikini Rebellion has officially begun! **You can certainly still sign up, but please be aware that the challenge has already begun and you most likely will not receive the previous emails. You can, however, still participate on Instagram by using the #bikinirebellion hashtag!** Welcome, Bikini Rebel. We’ve been waiting for you. Join me and thousands

Kettlebell Quickie

Come sweat with me! All you need for this quickie is one kettlebell (or dumbbell, if you don’t a KB), a sturdy step or box, and an interval timer (or an app on your phone). This workout will only take you between 4-25 minutes depending on how many rounds you choose. The Breakdown Set your

Mom, Your Legs Are Huge.

Last night, my son and I were sitting on the sofa reading a story. I was in my PJs–T-shirt older than Isaac and flannel shorts, because that’s how I roll. And, since I had my legs crossed, the full glory of my massive, muscular legs was highlighted. Isaac looks over at me and says, “WOW

My Body Has a Story

This morning, as I was about to hop into the shower, I just so happened to glance in the mirror. I’m not sure why or what drew my attention, but my eyes were drawn to my breasts, and I suddenly noticed something I hadn’t seen before–stretch marks. Stretch marks aren’t new to me by any

The Force is Strong With You

This past weekend in Santa Monica was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny skies, warm days, cool nights, and the best beach weather we’ve had in some time. And, because I’m a huge fan of taking advantage of your surroundings in order to play (whether it’s sunny or snowy), I spent most of my time outdoors–including getting out on the