By: Neghar On: April 27, 2016 In: body image, Featured Posts, Fitness Comments: 1

ARE YOU READY TO START LIVING A POWERFUL, VIBRANT, EXTRAORDINARY LIFE? If you’re a woman who’s looking to elevate her life in all aspects: fitness, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, and relationships–then wholehearted coaching is for YOU. Join me on this incredible 12-week journey as we get clear about the body,...

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By: Neghar On: April 07, 2016 In: Family, Lifestyle, Mindset Comments: 5

I did something I never imagined I would do–I bought a longboard. I did it so that I could cruise around with my 9-year-old on his skateboard, helping him ease a bit more into his discomfort zone–while I, inevitably, follow suit. In the past few weeks we’ve had a...

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By: Neghar On: April 06, 2016 In: Mindset Comments: 1

The first time I shaved my legs, I was 11 years old. As a first generation, full blooded Persian-American, body hair is something I am in no shortage of. As a kid, this was a huge emotional trigger for me; I was 11 and I had hairy legs that made me feel extremely...

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By: Neghar On: April 01, 2016 In: Family, Mindset Comments: 2

Isaac went to music camp for Spring break. He’s in 4th grade and has participated in everything from MMA to football to playing trumpet at school. But until we started hiring an instructor to teach him guitar in our home, I’d never found him completely committed to anything. Guitar, however,...

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By: Neghar On: March 06, 2016 In: body image, Mindset, Nutrition Comments: 15

For the past month, I’ve been traveling around the Southern Hemisphere. I started in Sydney (AU) and from there have been to Bali, Melbourne, Auckland (NZ), and Queenstown (NZ). All the while, I’ve been only casually conscious of my food habits. Whereas in the past I would have vowed to spend this...

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By: Neghar On: March 03, 2016 In: Mindset, Travel Comments: 4

I’ve been traveling in through Australia, Bali, and New Zealand for a little over 3 weeks, with just a few more days to go before I head back home to LA. And as much as I love traveling, I’m really missing my boys, my bed, and my regularly scheduled routine. I absolutely...

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By: Neghar On: February 03, 2016 In: Family, Lifestyle, Mindset Comments: 10

“I think Mondays hate me,” Isaac said, as he trudged into the kitchen. There was thick-cut bacon awaiting him, as well as a freshly toasted cinnamon raisin bagel; alas, even that wasn’t enough to get him pumped for Monday morning.  I explained to him that a lot of people dread...

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By: Neghar On: January 31, 2016 In: Featured, Featured Posts Comments: 3

Isaac reached across the table, and without saying a word, placed his hand on top of mine. I had been having an especially rough day, during which, for a multitude of reasons, I was in an emotionally heightened state. I do my best to communicate when I’m in moods like...

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By: Neghar On: January 26, 2016 In: Mindset Comments: 5

Gratitude is a mothereffing game changer. This isn’t new information to you, especially if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time. Chances are you’ve heard me say this on multiple occasions–because I have long been a strong proponent of utilizing a consistent and authentic gratitude practice. I stress...

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By: Neghar On: January 18, 2016 In: body image, Featured, Featured Posts, Mindset Comments: 16

  Back in 2014 I shared my “reverse progress” photo. At the time, it was the scariest, most vulnerable thing I had ever done. I was a fitness professional who had long clung to the idea that I needed to have a perfect body in order to be successful...

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