How to get a bikini body

q: How do I get a bikini body? a: Put a bikini on your body. If you typed that question into your search browser, and Google would spit out this answer, it would mean we’ve finally-as a culture-come to a place of real body acceptance. Alas, that isn’t the case–not yet, anyway. Type that question

The Five Foods You Should Never Eat

People are always asking me about food.  They want to know what I eat and how much of it I eat. They want to know what they should eat and what they shouldn’t. They want to know if they should eliminate grains and dairy and if it’s okay to eat red meat (yes, please eat

I wear large bikini bottoms

Most of the time I wear a medium bikini bottom. Sometimes a large, depending on the designer and the cut. I used to wear a small (even an extra small at times) but those days are long gone. I prefer cheeky or even borderline thong bikini bottoms, which means I usually wind up having to

My #1 Exercise Tip

Single mom, full time trainer, full time student, part time crazy–that was me a few years ago. On a typical day you could find me training clients as early as 6 am and as late as 8 pm, then coming home to blog, put my kiddo to bed, and study until 2 am. And by “study”

Metabolic Quickie: Basic Bodyweight Workout (no equipment needed!)

Summer isn’t over yet. The kids are headed back to school soon. Clothing stores have begun to stock Autumn apparel. The sunlight hours are waning. But, we’ve still got plenty of gorgeous, sunny days to embrace and appreciate, and plenty of opportunities to get outside and move before the weather turns foul. Today’s quickie is

Get ya’ mind right: 5 ways to start a mindset practice

“…before happiness and success comes your perception of the world. So before we can be happy and successful, we need to create a positive reality that allows us to see the possibility for both.” -Shawn Achor, bestselling author Which is more important: nutrition or exercise? Let’s settle this debate, once and for all. No doubt

The Lean & Lovely Method Part Two: The End of Dieting

Earlier this week, I brought you Part One of the Lean & Lovely Method: Training and Exercise. Learning to exercise efficiently, in a way that gives you an edge in strength and fat loss is integral to your continued growth as a Lean & Lovely lady. I started with the fitness aspect of things because as a