By: Neghar On: January 1, 2020 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

I’m not inspired by the concept of being a “work in progress.” Tbh that phrase kind of annoys me. I can be whole and also be expanding, all at once. I have become, AND I’m becoming. I am not a work in progress—I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be....

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By: Neghar On: December 25, 2019 In: Featured, Featured Posts Comments: 0

The second half of this year was a blessing disguised as a curse. Sometimes I can’t even believe I was strong enough to get through it—and not just get through it, but grow from it, rise from it, go into 2020 as the baddest expression of myself thus far....

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By: Neghar On: December 23, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

Last night I was talking with two of my other single friends about how our romantic lives are a total fucking dumpster fire but, like, everything else is a dream come true. Professionally, spiritually, artistically, energetically—I’m more aligned than I’ve ever been. The human part of us is hardwired...

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By: Neghar On: December 11, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

Maybe it’s actually chill? Maybe, instead of it being so overwhelming and chaotic and exhausting, it’s actually just…not that serious? What if instead of trying to control every little thing, we let things happen in the ways they’re meant to, while simply showing up as best we can? What...

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By: Neghar On: November 22, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

I’m a big fan of myself. This doesn’t mean I’m conceited or self obsessed—it doesn’t impede my desire for self improvement or abstain me from fault or flaw. It just means that I’m not willing to let anyone else determine my value or challenge how I feel about myself....

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By: Neghar On: October 15, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

Maybe it wasn’t meant for you. Maybe it has to fall apart, so it can come back together as something new, something more aligned with who you are becoming. Maybe the rug had to be pulled out from beneath you because the rug wasn’t the one that really tied...

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By: Neghar On: October 9, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

You have to believe that your dreams have the right to exist in reality, if they’re ever going to come true. Maybe you want to write a book, start a business, compete in a strength sport, get a record deal, or live in a van and travel across the...

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By: Neghar On: October 3, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

I used to be so scared to share my writing, my art, my soul with the internet—with the world. To share anything you’ve created is to invite yourself to be seen at the depths, your sharpest edges and bloodiest wounds, all the pieces of you that you’d otherwise keep...

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By: Neghar On: September 29, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

I honestly thought this one was “the one.” We were so connected, so aligned. Our relationship felt like two weird and wonderful puzzle pieces that couldn’t possibly fit anywhere else but together. It wasn’t perfect, because nothing is, but it was ours—and it was magic. And then one day, completely out of the blue, he left....

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By: Neghar On: August 8, 2019 In: Featured, Featured Posts, heart wisdom, magic Comments: 0

Don’t panic. You’re capable. You’re worthy. You’re supported. You’ve been through bad shit and sad shit and scary shit, too. And every single time, you’ve come through—even when you thought you wouldn’t survive, you clawed your way out of each and every abyss, risen from the ashes of every...

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