By: Neghar On: December 31, 2012 In: Be Happy, Eat, Featured Posts, Fitness, Lifestyle, Mindset Comments: 45

I like wine. And by like, I mean I have an affinity for it so strong that I almost don’t want to admit it. I’m not a lush by any means, as I will always stop drinking once I can no longer appreciate the depth and the breadth of...

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By: Neghar On: November 17, 2012 In: cardio, fat loss, Fitness Comments: 30

I sort of hate cardio. I don’t hate many things (except for ketchup and people blowing their noses at the table), so to sort of hate cardio is saying a lot. But you guys know this already. Lifting heavy stuff is my thang. To be honest, I prefer lifting...

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By: Neghar On: March 02, 2012 In: Fitness Comments: 21

In my time as a kettlebell instructor I have seen two common themes relating to the snatch: 1. Horrendous form. Usually a side effect of rushing to perform the exercise without first mastering the basics. 2. Horrendous hands. Usually for the same reasons as the horrendous form, but also...

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By: Neghar On: November 30, 2010 In: Fitness, Mindset Comments: 5

progressn [ˈprəʊgrɛs] 1. movement forward, esp. towards a place or objective 2. satisfactory development, growth, or advance 3. advance towards completion, maturity, or perfection In the first year or two of training, you’ll make amazing gains. I remember a few years ago, going from front squatting basically zero, to...

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