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I realized today as I was driving to work, that I take better care of my body than I do of my car.

Every time I turn my car on, it tells me to “Perform Service” and I basically just ignore it because I don’t have the time or motivation right now to tend to it. I know it’s probably not a good idea to drive it to and from work every day, knowing it has significant issues, but I just can’t be bothered with it right now.

Before you start thinking how stupid and irresponsible that is, ponder this: Is it more reckless to ignore the check engine light in your car, or in your body? And how many people do you think take better care of their replaceable vehicles than their own, IRREPLACEABLE bodies?

If you took a look at my car right now, you’d think I was a complete slob. Not only is it dirty, but the floors are cluttered with toys, reusable grocery bags, and random objects. I almost always have a trash stash in the side of the door since I seem to constantly eat protein bars on the go.

I never really addressed the bird egg that fell on my hood, other than to briefly clean it off and I am pretty sure there’s something significantly wrong with the alignment.

Now, obviously I know the sad state of my vehicle is nothing to be proud of. I’m a little ashamed, I must admit. But if my knee started acting up, or my shoulder didn’t feel right, I would immediately tend to it.

I would never treat my body the way I treat my car. My body is a powerful machine that needs regular care and maintenance-much like my car. The difference between my body and my car is that I only have one body; once it’s broken, it’s much harder, more painful and more expensive to fix.

We can ignore the check engine light on our car, and yes, we’ll likely get into some trouble. But if we ignore the check engine light on our body for long enough, it’s game over. Forever.

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