Wholehearted Coaching

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are you a woman who craves a vibrant lifestyle
that brings you fulfillment and satisfaction?

an unbound life?

a life of full engagement?



Balance and Flow?

Freedom from destructive perfectionist behaviors?

Freedom from food and exercise obsession?

 OF COURSE YOU DO. Why wouldn’t you?

If you’re a woman who’s looking to elevate her life in all aspects: fitness, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, and relationships–then wholehearted coaching is for YOU. Join me on this incredible 12-week journey as we get clear about the body, mindset, and the lifestyle you ultimately crave–and how to cultivate it.

The current Wholehearted Coaching session is closed, but the next session begins on January 22nd and is only open to 30 wholehearted women. Watch this short video (or keep reading!) and make sure you sign up at the top or bottom of the page to get on the waiting list.

As a wholehearted woman on this journey, I understand your struggle. I understand the pressure to be perfect, the hustle for worthiness, the obsession over whether or not we’re doing it “right.” I know what it’s like to feel alone and unsupported–and I want you to know you don’t have to feel any of those things.

You’re not alone.

You CAN have the life that you crave, and you CAN be fully empowered and free in your body. You CAN have the sisterhood and support of other wholehearted women who’ve got your back every step of the way. You CAN be free in your body and full in your heart.

I will teach you how.

As your coach, I am deeply invested in your self-improvement, and fully committed to helping you realize your best life ever. In fact, this is what gives my life purpose, and I’m excited and honored to share that journey with you.

For the past 15 years I’ve worked with women all over the world, helping them to create a lifestyle that allows them to be their highest, most energetic selves. I’ve spent my career teaching women how to get in touch with their inner goddess and harness their energy in a way that truly serves them.

I’m here to help you get fit from the inside out, and live a vibrant, full, balanced life.

With Wholehearted Coaching, you’ll get the strategies, guidance, and support that you need to be a wholehearted woman–a woman who prioritizes her body, mind, and soul, and lives with deep, fluid intention.

Wholehearted Coaching is all inclusive. No topic is off limits. No questions will go unanswered. No ideas will be dismissed. Basically, we don’t eff around; we get REAL.

This program is for women who want to learn how to show up authentically, courageously, and fully empowered. Women who are sick of merely existing and want to truly live.

Do you want to live a life of compassion, empowerment, and authenticity; free from food and fitness obsession and the need to be perfect–all while connecting with women who share your passion?


Join us for the 12-week journey that will completely change your life–forever.

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What does Wholehearted Coaching include?


  • 12 in depth coaching modules designed to tackle our most significant issues (see below)
  • Weekly videos discussing these profound topics
  • Weekly open Q&A to discuss any and all topics
  • Twice monthly LIVE webinars (with replay available)
  • Monday-Friday coaching support from me via our private group
  • 12 weeks of customizable workouts
  • Guidance on how to achieve your specific fitness and strength goals
  • Form checks and video analysis via our private group
  • Weekly projects and journaling activities, plus creative ways to connect with other Wholehearted Women
  • ONE YEAR access to my online membership portal with monthly workouts, follow-along yoga videos, follow-along-workouts, an interactive forum, and so much more (a $239 value)
  • 12 weeks of nutritional guidance and consulting to help you learn to eat in a way that fuels your body, thrills your palate, and fits your lifestyle
  • A private, safe, non-judgmental group to share and connect with other Wholehearted Women

Girl, that is a whole lotta good stuff! Interested in knowing more about the 12 modules that will help you to emerge as your most vibrant, empowered, wholehearted self? Keep reading. If you’re already super effing pumped, skip to the bottom and fill out the application. I can’t wait to hear from you!

The 12 Modules of Wholehearted Coaching

Week 1: Sharing Our Stories & Setting Intentions

Sharing your story takes vulnerability, which is unbelievably hard—but vulnerability also liberates us and allows us the freedom to feel truly connected.

During week one I’ll be encouraging you to share your stories and use that expression to develop solid intentions for coaching over the next twelve weeks.

Week 2: Our Highest Commitments

What inspires you and gives you purpose? Where do you want to direct your energy towards?

During week two we will uncover our highest commitments for our bodies, careers, and lifestyles—and we will set simple intentions to direct our energy towards those commitments.

Week 3: Self Love & Worthiness

The journey to a life of abundance and gratitude starts with the love, affection, and attention we give ourselves. When we can truly love ourselves-right now, in this moment-we can give the best of ourselves to others.

This week, we will learn how to begin or continue a journey of self-love and become fully aware of our inherent worthiness.

Week 4: Releasing Old Stories

When we attach to our old, negative, painful stories, we keep ourselves from being present and fully engaged in our lives. These stories make us feel stuck, but releasing them gives us freedom and opportunity.

This week is all about touching on pain and letting go, so that we can be in our power and reframe the story of our lives.

Week 5: active acceptance

Through coaching, we will learn that acceptance of our bodies, circumstances, and lifestyles is not resignation—it’s simply an acknowledgement of reality, and a commitment to living in the present.

Week 6: Effortless Eating & Intuitive Training

What if you could eat and move without obsession? What if planning meals wasn’t a stressful event and needing to adapt workouts didn’t make us feel anxious?

This week we’ll learn about letting food and exercise add to our life experience, rather than detract from it. We’ll discuss strategies for more effortless, intuitive living, in which fitness and nutrition are positive additions to our lifestyles.

Week 7: Identifying triggers & Creating boundaries

When we have appropriate boundaries with people, work, and other obligations, we are more capable of identifying triggers in our lives that often set us off or leave us feeling wildly out of control.

During week seven, we’ll learn about our current boundaries and how to create them where they are lacking.

Week 8: Energy: Draining & Recharging

The most effective way for us to direct our energy towards our highest commitments is to be fully charged. In order to be fully charged, however, it’s important to know what drains us and what recharges us.

We will spend time this week getting clear on these sources, and harnessing the energy to create, connect, and compassionately engage.

Week 9: Flow, Balance, & Change

We aren’t in control of anything—except our own behaviors. Learning to surrender and relinquish control is the key to living a balanced life—one in which change is embraced, and faced with grounded grace.

When we learn to flow, we can maintain our center in any kind of storm.

Week 10: Ownership, Responsibility, & Being in Your Power

Owning our story and being responsible for our part in the story allow us the space to be fully in our power–and that’s what it means to be “empowered.” This week will learn that there isn’t a villain or a victim in most stories, and how we can detach from that in order to live a life of full engagement.

Week 11: Reacting & responding: How to hit pause

Hitting the pause button on our reactions is what allows us the time to process our emotions in a mature, thoughtful way. This week will discuss naming our emotions and sitting with them before having knee-jerk reactions.

Week 12: Reflection, Intention, & Gratitude

During this week we will reflect on the past twelve weeks, revisit any topics that require more discussion, and circle back towards our initial intentions for coaching.

We will express gratitude, celebrate our growth, and set intentions going forward.

Okay, seriously. Doesn’t that all so effing awesome? Hell yes, it does!

I am super pumped to get started with you on this journey. I want to help you live life as the highest expression of yourself–but first, we need to find out if we are a good match for each other.

I want every single woman in this program to feel like she is in a safe, satisfying, empowering space, so I’m going to ask you to share a little bit of your story before we go further.

Please be advised, this is a high level, incredibly intimate coaching program that is intended for incredibly motivated and intentional women. If that sounds like you, and you’d like to be placed on the waiting list for the Winter session, please input your email address below to be notified when enrollment opens.

I hope to see YOU in the program and can’t wait to help you live a more Wholehearted life!