Wholehearted Coaching

Let me ask you a question:

Do you want to live a KICKASS life?

The kind of life where you feel inspired?

Fully engaged?

Empowered and worthy?

Totally free, STRONG, and powerful in your body?

Fulfilled by your work and your relationships?

Do you crave FREEDOM?

Freedom from feeling like you’re just not good enough?

Freedom from food and exercise obsession?

Freedom from feeling the need to be perfect?

To have it all together? 


Women all over the world have reclaimed their worthiness,
embraced their power,  and cultivated that very same kickass life.
Now it’s your turn.


If you’re a woman who’s looking to elevate her life in all aspects: fitness, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, and relationships–then wholehearted coaching is for YOU. Join me on this incredible 12-week journey as we get clear about the body, mindset, and the lifestyle you ultimately crave–and how to cultivate it.

This is not your typical fitness program. Wholehearted living is about becoming your most empowered self, from the inside out.

Enrollment for Wholehearted Coaching is currently closed, but the Spring session will begin on May 2, 2016. The last two WHC sessions have sold out so if you’re ready to commit to YOU, be sure sign up for the waiting list. Once on the list, you’ll be offered pre-enrollment before the program opens up to thousands of other applicants. 

WHC is only open to 35 women,
which means getting on the wait list is crucial!

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As a wholehearted woman on this journey, I understand the struggle.

I understand the pressure to be perfect, the hustle for worthiness, the obsession over whether or not we’re doing it “right.” I know what it’s like to feel alone and unsupported–and I want you to know you don’t have to feel any of those things.


You CAN have the life that you crave, and you CAN be fully empowered and free in your body. You CAN have the sisterhood and support of other wholehearted women who’ve got your back every step of the way. You CAN be free in your body and full in your heart.

I will teach you how.

As your coach, I am deeply invested in your self-improvement, and fully committed to helping you realize your best life ever. In fact, this is what gives my life purpose, and I’m excited and honored to share that journey with you.

For the past 16 years I’ve worked with women all over the world, helping them to create a lifestyle that allows them to be their highest, most energetic selves. I’ve spent my career teaching women how to get in touch with their inner goddess and harness their energy in a way that truly serves them.

I’m here to help you get fit from the inside out, and live a vibrant, full, balanced life.

With Wholehearted Coaching, you’ll get the strategies, guidance, and support that you need to be a wholehearted woman–a woman who prioritizes her body, mind, and soul, and lives with deep, fluid intention.

Wholehearted Coaching is all inclusive. No topic is off limits. No questions will go unanswered. No ideas will be dismissed. Basically, we don’t eff around; we get REAL.

This program is for women who want to learn how to show up authentically, courageously, and fully empowered. Women who are sick of merely existing and want to truly live.

Do you want to live a life of compassion, empowerment, and authenticity; free from food and fitness obsession and the need to be perfect–all while connecting with women who share your passion?


Join me and some truly EXTRAORDINARY women for the 12-week journey that will completely change your life–forever.



Wholehearted Coaching is unique and unlike any program out there. Here’s what you get:

  • 12 in depth coaching modules designed to tackle our most significant issues (see below)
  • A welcome packet including what to expect, reading recommendations, tools for coaching success, and other valuable insights
  • 12 weekly packets discussing these specific themes
  • Weekly videos discussing these profound topics
  • Weekly open Q&A to discuss any and all topics
  • LIVE webinars (with replay available)
  • Monday-Friday coaching support from me via our private group
  • 12 weeks of customizable workouts
  • Guidance on fitness, lifestyle, relationships, and career endeavors
  • Form checks and video analysis via our private group
  • Weekly projects and journaling activities, plus creative ways to connect with other Wholehearted Women
  • 12 weeks of nutritional guidance and consulting to help you learn to eat in a way that fuels your body, thrills your palate, and fits your lifestyle
  • A private, safe, non-judgmental group to share and connect with other Wholehearted Women

If you’re ready to say YES, simply skip to the
bottom and fill out the application TODAY!

Here’s what women are saying about
Wholehearted Coaching…

These extraordinary women were an absolute pleasure to work with; each and every one of them emerged more authentic, more empowered, more wholehearted. I invite you to join their ranks and start the journey towards the highest expression of you!


db2aecd4-d50f-4690-b5d6-6287de70d485“The experience I’ve had with the Wholehearted Coaching program was so enlightening.  I never thought it would be possible to connect so strongly with a group of women I’ve never met!  This program helped guide me to reach my goals, both physically and mentally.  It has helped me find the motivation to strive to be the best version of myself and I couldn’t be happier, inside and out.

All of this was made possible by taking that first step and signing up for this program!  I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all of this without the support and encouragement of Neghar and the group standing by me every step of the way.  It’s literally one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and has brought me so much joy and peace.  I encourage anyone who is interested in nourishing their mind and empowering their body to sign up asap!”

-Tanya A., North Carolina


44c3a764-86bb-49d5-8cb8-06a65ff44c6d“I want to say a huge thank you to Neghar Fonooni for putting this group together and leading us through the past 12 weeks in such a compassionate and wise manner. She is one of the few people online whom I consider a role model, and her rad-ass boldness and authenticity inspires me to be a more authentic version of myself in my business, as well as in my personal life. 

I am inspired to continue working on growing in my power, being vulnerable in my personal and entrepreneurial life, and getting off the perfectionist roller coaster that makes me feel not “enough” and drives me to hustle for worthiness. I know this will be a lifelong process, but I feel far more equipped to handle the growth and change as I figure out what it means to live as a wholehearted woman.”

-Laura S., North Carolina



“Neghar’s Whole Hearted Coaching experience was nothing short of life changing. With her guidance and support, I was able to dig deep and create a more compassionate, radiant way of living.

The tools and practices I have put in place as a result of this coaching, have had such a positive impact on my life and the energy I bring to my environment. The best part is, I can take these tools and continue to use them, continue to shine.”

-Laurie D., Massachusetts





“Joining Wholehearted Coaching with Neghar was one of the best decisions I made. She helped me find my power and embrace who I am. Because of Neghar and her authentic approach I have made so many positive changes in my life. If you are looking for a program to transform your life, I highly recommend working with Neghar.

With Wholehearted Coaching, not only did I have Neghar guiding me and supporting me over the last few months, but I had a community of like-minded women cheering me on every day. With this program I have shifted to more intentional living. Nutrition and training are more effortless and overall I have more confidence.”

-Marie S., Wisconsin



“Wholehearte12e594b1-4fe2-4e54-9a7d-a413a609c866d coaching is the program that I never expected would have such an impact in every aspect of my life.  I didn’t know if I was ready when I signed up, but the truth is there never would have been a “right” time. This program gives you the tools to look inside, align yourself with your intentions, and step into your power. 

If you put in the work, you can change your life.  I’ve doubled the weight of my KB swing, nailed a handstand and a double KB snatch, made intuitive food choices, improved my relationships with family and friends, and found time to work on me.”

-Caitlin A., Boston

“Wholehearted Coaching provided a safe space to explore my deep feelings in a community of supportive women. Neghar’s openness and non-judgmental approachjulie_read-2080_2000px_72dpi helped me to feel comfortable discussing my inner secrets.

Throughout the course of the program I began to accept that I am inherently worthy, and when that was challenging, the group was there to remind me. Not only did Wholehearted Coaching change the relationship I have with myself, but it helped me to understand and strengthen the relationships around me.

While the journey was primarily independent, I now try to lead by the example of self love and and worthiness and am able to communicate with vulnerability and compassion which have completely overhauled the way I communicate with the world.”

-Julie R., Philadelphia

“When I received th1479251_10152104321126233_1452191917_ne email from Neghar announcing the WHC course, I had hardly any time and no disposable income. But I felt like I HAD to do it, you know?  So I did, and can say without a doubt that it has been the BEST FUCKING investment I’ve ever made.  As a coach and soon to be qualified PT, the personal and professional growth I have experienced over the last 12 weeks has been amazing and, no lie, life altering.

I’ve only scratched the surface, but I feel empowered to move forward with my new tools and the support of not only Neghar but also the other incredible women I’ve met to keep being the most badass version of myself.  Thank you Neghar, from the bottom of my heart. This shit is real, yo! Get on it.

-Meghann B., Melbourne Australia


“I started following Neghar Fonooni less than one year ago and I somehow came upon her Wholehearted Coaching Program. I expressed my interest almost immediately and, without hesitation, enrolled as soon as it opened up. I was at a place in my life where each day was hard.

I don’t have a painful backstory, only that I was miserable in my job, feeling like I was getting walked all over. I desired to work in my passion but could not make financial sense of a career change. My mind felt cluttered to the point that completing a project or thought process was painstaking.

I was exhausted from working all day and then heading home…straight into the kitchen. I was tired from restless sleeps having little ones at home who routinely get up through the night. I was annoyed by the drama of others around me that I just didn’t want to hear about anymore. And the most painful thing was that my family – those I love the most – were getting the brunt of it.

I wasn’t sure what I hoped to gain from the program but I knew that I had to work on myself. I want/need to be the best version of me for me and for my family.

Having been through the program I can say now that although my mind is still cluttered (I have a full time job, two kids (5&4), a husband, a house, extracurricular commitments, a passion for health and fitness.) the way I approach all of these is different, better.

I make sure to carve out time for myself because I am aware of my need to recharge and be healthy both mentally and physically. I choose to do my work and all things with passion – which is different than working in my passion and that’s cool. I don’t take things personally.

I have been through counseling in the past and I have read and listened to countless self-help books and programs. A hopeless optimist, I was determined to create my own happiness. And it helps, all that stuff is useful but through this WHC program I really got to know myself on a deeper level. I truly understand my needs and how I operate. This is truly the key to handling life with Grace.”

-Carly P., Ontario Canada



“Throughout WHC, Neghar took the time to provide thoughtful and timely responses to meet each of our needs. It always felt like she was talking to us as a good friend who is a phone call away or who was curled up on the other end of the couch with a cup of coffee – just there to talk us through it.

I loved to variety of ways in which she connected with us and therefore got us to connect with ourselves. I also loved that she was open to talking about whatever we needed and she rose up and met that need (e.g. form checks, supplement advice, and her many moments when she modeled authenticity).

I so appreciate Neg and this coaching group. Her energy is amazing, her honesty makes her so reachable, and she has an amazing ability to read individual and group needs to maximize growth.”

-Charity H., Minnesota

“Wholehearted Coaching came to me at the perfect moment in my life—starting a year of massive transition (repatriation AND a career change); experiencing a great deal of fear, sadness, and overTiff In Snowflow of emotion due to various life circumstances; and processing my dad’s terminal illness diagnosis.

I feel like Neghar’s program and guidance were instrumental in my ability to not only NOT crumble into a mess on the floor, but to actually THRIVE and be a positive and stable support for those around me.

Neghar’s exceptional abilities to empathize, facilitate growth, and empower women truly make Wholehearted Coaching a once in a lifetime experience.

The support and connections with other like-minded women in the group was something I’ve never had available to me before, which was also was incredibly powerful.

I’ve been fundamentally moved by this program and feel like my path and my existence have and are shifting in dramatic and wonderful ways.”

-Tiffany S., South Korea

The 12 Modules of Wholehearted Coaching

Week 1: Sharing Our Stories & Setting Intentions

Sharing your story takes vulnerability, which is unbelievably hard—but vulnerability also liberates us and allows us the freedom to feel truly connected.

During week one we’ll share our stories and use that expression to develop solid intentions for coaching over the next twelve weeks.

Week 2: Our Highest Commitments

What inspires you and gives you purpose? Where do you want to direct your energy towards?

During week two we’ll uncover our highest commitments for our bodies, careers, and lifestyles—and we will set simple intentions to direct our energy towards those commitments.

Week 3: Self Love & Worthiness

The journey to a life of abundance and gratitude starts with the love, affection, and attention we give ourselves. When we can truly love ourselves-right now, in this moment-we can give the best of ourselves to others.

This week, we’ll learn how to begin or continue a journey of self-love and become fully aware of our inherent worthiness.

Week 4: Releasing Old Stories

When we attach to our old, negative, painful stories, we keep ourselves from being present and fully engaged in our lives. These stories make us feel stuck, but releasing them gives us freedom and opportunity.

This week is all about touching on pain and letting go, so that we can be in our power and reframe the story of our lives–instead of living in the past.

Week 5: Active Acceptance

Through coaching, we will learn that acceptance of our bodies, circumstances, and lifestyles is not resignation—it’s simply an acknowledgement of reality, and a commitment to living in the present.

Week 6: Effortless Eating & Intuitive Training

What if you could eat and move without obsession? What if planning meals wasn’t a stressful event and needing to adapt workouts didn’t make us feel anxious?

This week we’ll learn about letting food and exercise add to our life experience, rather than detract from it. We’ll discuss strategies for more effortless, intuitive living, in which fitness and nutrition are positive additions to our lifestyles.

Week 7: Identifying triggers & Creating boundaries

When we have appropriate boundaries with people, work, and other obligations, we are more capable of identifying triggers in our lives that often set us off or leave us feeling wildly out of control.

During week seven, we’ll learn about our current boundaries and how to create them where they are lacking. We’ll cultivate more meaning in our relationships as a result.

Week 8: Energy: Draining & Recharging

The most effective way for us to direct our energy towards our highest commitments is to be fully charged. In order to be fully charged, however, it’s important to know what drains us and what recharges us.

We’ll spend time this week getting clear on these sources, and harnessing the energy to create, connect, and compassionately engage.

Week 9: The Discomfort Zone

Learning to lean into discomfort is a valuable skill. It’s what allows us to grow, evolve, and come into the fullness of our being. This week we will discuss painful emotions, change, and other uncomfortable situations, that, if viewed with a specific lens, can aid us greatly on our wholehearted journey.

Week 10: Ownership, Responsibility, & Being in Your Power

Owning our story and being responsible for our part in the story allow us the space to be fully in our power–and that’s what it means to be “empowered.” This week we’ll learn that there isn’t a villain or a victim in most stories, and how we can detach from that in order to live a life of full engagement.

Week 11: Reacting & responding: How to hit pause

Hitting the pause button on our reactions is what allows us the time to process our emotions in a mature, thoughtful way. This week will discuss naming our emotions and sitting with them before having knee-jerk reactions.

Week 12: Reflection, Intention, & Gratitude

During this week we’ll reflect on the past twelve weeks, revisit any topics that require more discussion, and circle back towards our initial intentions for coaching.

We’ll express gratitude, celebrate our growth, and set intentions going forward.



Are you ready to say Yes to the adventure?


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