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This is a screenshot from one of my Wildfire Yoga videos. As you can see, there’s some booty roll action and cellulite accentuation going on—I’m not ashamed of it, nor will I apologize for it. This is what my body looks like while in Warrior Two, and that’s just a fact.

What I could have done after previewing the videos is scrap the entire project based on how my body looked—and in the interest of total transparency, I would have done exactly that just a few years ago. But this is 2017 Neg we’re talking about, and she isn’t interested in letting her body have that kind of power over her ever again.

So, with perfect love and perfect trust, I joyfully launched a project on which I’d been working for over a year, only to be met with enthusiastic response. Since the launch, I’ve received an abundance of beautiful messages from Wildfire users—not a single one of them in reference to my body.

In case it wasn’t already apparent, let me be clear about my intentions for my work:

I will never attempt to portray an illusion of perfection. I’ve fully committed to showing up authentically for you, and that includes how I show up in my body. I refuse to allow the shape and state of my physical body to keep me from living my truth and fulfilling my soul’s purpose.

There are scarcely any universal truths when it comes to bodies, as we are all uniquely made. But there are a few that hold veracity, one of them being this:

When you make shapes with your body, you will create dimples and rolls and wrinkles and folds.

Nothing will appear smooth, airbrushed, and perfect; this is normal.

This is real.

This is okay.

Furthermore, If you’ve carried a baby in your womb, you might always have a fold of skin that hangs when you bend over. This is beautiful. This is motherhood.

Your age, your size, your shape, your composition—none of this precludes you from the fact that when you squat, twist, hinge, jump, and bend, things will shift. Bodies are malleable and magical. We are not ersatz droids, crafted from synthetic materials—we are living, breathing, vessels of radiance and power.

You are a human being who honors your body with movement of multiple varieties, and when you engage in said movement, your human body will comply. Rather than point out the “imperfections” that appear when we move, let’s aim instead to shift our perspective towards reality and acceptance.

Bodies are meant to move, and when they move, their various accouterments will move along with them. They will bunch and bulge and crinkle and crease, because that is simply what bodies do. This isn’t “gross” or “unsightly,” this is simply a fact of our corporeal form.

If we can accept this as truth, and reject the notion that we’re somehow “flawed,” we’ll find there is immeasurable freedom in that space—freedom to lift and run and flow with enthusiasm and abandon; freedom to express ourselves through movement without obsessing over how our bodies contort in response.

To move with freedom and to take the deepest pleasure in feeling alive and powerful in our bodies—this is the ultimate intention of fitness.

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