By: Neghar On: August 8, 2019 In: Featured, Featured Posts, heart wisdom, magic Comments: 0

Don’t panic.

You’re capable. You’re worthy. You’re supported. You’ve been through bad shit and sad shit and scary shit, too. And every single time, you’ve come through—even when you thought you wouldn’t survive, you clawed your way out of each and every abyss, risen from the ashes of every fire.

Maybe you’re struggling—maybe you’ve been hit hard with something unexpected, something unsettling. Maybe you feel shaken, afraid, uncertain. And that’s all okay. But just. Don’t. Panic. When you panic, you inhibit your ability to make intuitive choices, and dim the light that will show you the way.

You don’t have to stay calm, but you are invited to stay grounded.

Stay tethered to your breath.

Don’t stop believing that you’ve got this, okay?

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