By: Neghar On: December 10, 2017 In: heart wisdom, Mindfulness, Mindset Comments: 0
Words. And the spaces between them.

Nature. Her lessons in letting go. The way she has the power to change your entire state of mind with just a sunset, an autumn breeze, a crash of a wave.

Clarity. When you call upon your intuition to help guide you and she responds with the depth and width that only she can provide.

Trust. That you can do this. You can and will survive. You can thrive, really. You can manifest the hell out of your core desires through intention, action, and energy.

Connection. To yourself. To the Earth and her cycles. To the people who elevate your vibrations and make your soul sing.
Creation. A poem. A cozy space. A sketch. A delicious meal. The ability to use your heart, head, and hands to bring something from imagination to reality.

Everyday magic is believing that you are stardust. You are light and dark and all of the phases of the moon. YOU are magic, darling.

And don’t you forget it.

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