EVERYTHING IS A FUCKIN RITUAL (And why you need it).

Why do you need ritual? Because ritual invites you to tune out the drama of the external world and tune in to your own emotional landscape—it’s how you find the clarity and trust to work through shadows and sticky feelings.

Ritual asks you to stop taking other people’s poison and listen to your inner voice. Ritual is how you come home to yourself—how you find your center, establish autonomy, and explore your own thoughts and feelings. Without ritual, we’re just drifting. Drowning, really.

But here’s the other thing about ritual: there are no rules. Anything can be ritual if it’s done with intention and purpose. You don’t need tarot cards, candles, and crystals and spellwork, if that’s not your thing. There’s no “correct” way to perform ritual, and there’s only one universal requirement: INTENTION.

Anything done with intention can be ritual. Anything done with the explicit purpose of grounding, centering, and clarity is RITUAL. Dancing can be ritual. Breathing can be ritual. Sex can ritual. Staring off into space with a cup of coffee and a record playing can be ritual. Making your bed can be ritual. Anything as ritual—everything as ritual.

Every day, every moment, a chance to engage in ritual—an opportunity to become more attuned to your authentic self, more aligned with your truth, more in touch with your very own magic.

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