By: Neghar On: December 11, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

Maybe it’s actually chill?

Maybe, instead of it being so overwhelming and chaotic and exhausting, it’s actually just…not that serious? What if instead of trying to control every little thing, we let things happen in the ways they’re meant to, while simply showing up as best we can? What if, when the universe played cosmic jokes, we laughed?

What if we finally—once and for all—accepted that life is uncertain? That certainty will never be afforded to us. That nothing is permanent and we only make things worse when we cling and control and obsess.

What if we chose trust? Ease? Lightheartedness? Because in the end, nothing really matters. We are on a spinning rock in the middle of an infinite universe—and we’re still spending our limited breaths on some bullshit? We’re still losing our tempers in traffic jams and letting to-do lists run our lives? My goodness.

This full moon in Gemini is stirring up some shit. I feel it, and you probably feel it too. The energy is thick. It’s intense. EVERYTHING IS URGENT. But actually, it’s not. When things feel urgent—when scarcity mindset creeps in—it’s an opportunity. Here is your chance to practice trust, to CHOOSE trust, for the first time or for the tenth time or for infinity.

Here is your chance to choose abundance—to believe that it’s available to you. (Yes, YOU!) Here is your chance to loosen up. To liberate yourself from hustle culture. To unmap yourself from the trappings of capitalism. To make magic out of those mole hills instead of making mountains. (Exhales deeply.) Maybe it’s hard here, in this human place—but maybe it can be magic, too.

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