By: Neghar On: March 12, 2019 In: Fitness, heart wisdom, Mindset Comments: 0

Have you ever wanted something so badly, while simultaneously believing that you can’t have it? That you’ll never “get there?” That it’s just not possible for you?

I got my first muscle up at 35 years old, with absolutely no gymnastics background, and two herniated discs that sometimes inhibit my ability to perform explosive movements.

I remember holding myself at the top of the rings, laughing in disbelief—it was a feat I’d long considered impossible. I wanted it, but I didn’t think it was mine for the taking. Once I got up there, it opened up a whole new world for me; when you believe something is possible, everything shifts in response.

Fitness, like most pursuits, gives us the opportunity to address self sabotaging narratives about what we can and cannot do. If we wanna do the damn thing—I mean really do it—we simply cannot allow our self limiting beliefs to impede our growth. We have to dismantle our own bullshit.

Yes, there are restrictions beyond our control. And yes, limits do exist. Not everything is possible. The very systems that claim to support “the pursuit of happiness” were not created in our favor. Social constructs are tangible barriers. Resources can be scarce. All of this is valid.

But what about the times we stand in our own way, perpetuating narratives that steal our worth and dull our magic? We want that dream job, that book deal, that pull-up, that 200 pound squat—and at the same time we think, “that’s not gonna happen for me.” How can we expect to get there if we keep telling ourselves it’s futile? These ideas run counter to one another, and we can’t reconcile that discrepancy without choosing to believe we’re capable, supported, and worthy.

You want it? Good. Now get really fuckin’ clear on why you’re worthy of it, and which actions you’ll take to get it. Be willing to rewrite your narrative. Get out of your own damn way.

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