By: Neghar On: May 17, 2018 In: body image, heart wisdom, Mindfulness, Mindset Comments: 0

One of the most important roles you can play in your life is that of your own hype woman.

You have to think you’re fabulous, even and especially when you’re knee deep in the messy stuff. You’ve got to give yourself compliments, recognize your inherent dopeness, and fireyourself up.

You have to catch your reflection in a window and say, “Hot damn, girl—look at you.”

Because absolutely no one else in this world is responsible for hyping you; it’s no ones job to love yourself but your own.

No external being can be held responsible for liking you. For loving you. For validating you. No one but you has been granted the sacred duty of living within your own skin—of validating your worth and nurturing your soul.

You are tasked with being the sole purveyor of your own love and perpetuator of your own magic. And while it may seem tempting to relinquish this responsibility by handing it to other earthly beings, when you do so, you also relinquish your power.

But if you choose to honor this responsibility, you discover that you are infinitely capable of love, validation, and abundance within your very own body, from your very own soul. You can celebrate, validate, and hype your own damn self.

If you’ve got people who celebrate your dopeness, that’s good too, don’t get me wrong. It falls upon us to ensure that those who comprise our inner circles are aligned with our values and in support of our magic. But it can’t be what you rely upon.

It’s your sacred duty to wrap yourself fully in your own support and adulation—to hold yourself up to the sun and see both the cracks and the light that shines through them, and love it all.

What are you doing to hype yourself today? Where in your life can you use a little more self care or a small reminder of your inherent dopeness?

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