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I don’t believe that love is all we need. I need honesty. Loyalty. A shared value system. A willingness to talk about the hard things and stick around when things get messy. I need ride or die people in my life, and that’s not just about love.

I don’t believe in “love and light” as a solution to anything. Solutions require critical thinking and courageous discourse. Solutions require recognizing intersections and pursuing justice. Justice requires a willingness to dismantle systems of oppression, whatever it takes.

I may not believe in these played out platitudes, but I do believe in LOVE—in loving myself wholly and without condition, not “when” but NOW. In owning my worth and nurturing, validating, and hyping myself.

I believe in extending that love outward towards the people I *choose* and creative expressions that align with my soul. In utilizing compassion and empathy, EVEN as I hold people accountable for their actions. In loving myself enough to cut people out of my life.

I believe in love as part of a full spectrum of emotions—in the vulnerability of an open heart, the safety of a guarded heart, and the nuance of everything in between.

Love is the answer, sometimes. And other times it’s part of a complex equation that requires a little bit more than what love itself can offer.


ROSE QUARTZ: for loving + accepting oneself, reclaiming ones own worthiness, processing emotional upheaval, tapping into the Divine Feminine, embodying sensuality, letting go of self doubt, purifying the heart chakra, and providing space to nurture oneself in every possible way.

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