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Exercise is something I always make time for. Whether it’s an hour at the gym, a walk on the beach, a yoga class, or a short metabolic sesh in my garage–I make it a point to move every single day. I understand that as a mom and an entrepreneur, I won’t always have time for a legit “workout” but I make movement a priority regardless.

That’s why when I hear people tell me they don’t have time to workout, I really feel for them. Exercise has so many incredible benefits, including stress reduction–which is usually the culprit when it comes to skipping exercise.

But when I ask them if they have just 10 minutes in the morning, the answer is always yes. The problem is that most people can’t fathom realistically getting in a good workout in such little time. They think if they haven’t spent hours at the gym, they can’t possibly be doing something worth anything.

In fact, even my clients and Lean & Lovely ladies are shocked at first by how short the workouts are. They think they need to spend more time in order to get results. I’ll tell you what, by the end of the second week, they’re completely shifting that thought process, and realizing how sometimes efficient and time-saving workouts can actually be better for you–body, mind, and soul.

Still, I know some who just can’t commit to a 3x/week workout schedule, even if the workouts are short and sweet. So, I’ve decided to make them even shorter and sweeter (well, sweatier, actually). Introducing…the Kettlebell Quickie!

You’ll be seeing a lot of these on the blog in the coming weeks as a way to help you get your sweat on when time just isn’t on your side. I’ll be demonstrating most of them with kettlebells, but rest assured you can use dumbbells if KBs aren’t accessible to you.

These quickies are fun, simple, and a total sweat sesh. You can use them as a full workout or as a post-workout finisher. You can even adjust the work/rest ratios and sets in order to make the workout fit into your timeframe and skill level.

Remember, quality is always the first priority, so movement needs to be safe in order to be effective. Don’t forget to document your sweat sessions and tag me on Instagram. Be sure to use the hashtag #kbquickie so that I don’t miss it.

Set your timers, grab your bells, and have fun!

For this KB Quickie, all you need is one kettlebell. We’ll be doing 3 exercises in a chain format:

  • KB Goblet Clean
  • KB Goblet Squat
  • 2 Hand KB Swing

Perform one repetition of each exercise before moving onto the next exercise. Continue this chain for 30 seconds, then take a 30 second break. This workout is broken down into a 30/30 work/rest format for 5 sets, resulting in just 5 minutes!

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