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Come sweat with me!

All you need for this quickie is one kettlebell (or dumbbell, if you don’t a KB), a sturdy step or box, and an interval timer (or an app on your phone). This workout will only take you between 4-25 minutes depending on how many rounds you choose.

The Breakdown

Set your timer to 30 sec on/15 sec off x5 and perform the following:

1-Push-up with rotation x30
Rest 15
2-Goblet Squat & Clean x30
Rest 15
3-Step-Up Jump x30
Rest 15
4-KB Swing x30
Rest 15
5-Lunge Jump x30
Rest 15

Once you’ve completed one full round, rest 15-60 seconds and complete another. Aim for 3-5 rounds, depending on how much time you’ve got.

Have fun, be safe, and get sweaty!



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