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Later this Summer I’m taking a trip to Greece with one of my best friends. In preparation, we went swimsuit shopping and I wound up buying not one, but two one-piece swimsuits. I seriously do not need even one more swimsuit, let alone two–and one-pieces? Yeah, not usually my jam due to my thick legs and hobbit stature.

In fact, I’m a wee bit embarrassed to admit that I already have too many suits; I’m fairly certain I have enough bikinis to wear a different combination of tops and bottoms every day for a month, possibly more. I don’t know what to tell you–I love bikinis. 

So how did I end up with two more suits? And one-pieces, no less? Well, most recently I’ve been practicing letting go of old story lines, most notably anything that starts with, “I’m not the kind of person who…”

I’m not the kind of person who wears one pieces. Or at least that’s what I’ve always told myself. They always made me feel frumpy and stumpy, and I’ve never been too keen on hiding the one part of my body that really stands out–my mid section.

As someone whose lived her entire adult life with leg and butt cellulite, the idea of highlighting those areas by covering up my midsection never seemed too appealing. But lately, something has shifted for me. Not only have I grown to accept these parts of my body, as I’ve spent the past few years healing my body image–but I’ve actually learned to love them as well.

I like the look of a one piece, and I really wanted to give it a try–not only as a fashion decision, but also to prove to myself that I really am healing. Maybe I am the kind of person who wears one-piece swimsuits. So I tried on a few and discovered that if the leg was cut high, I actually really loved how I felt in a one piece.

So I bought two. Because as aforementioned, I have a swimwear addiction.

I justify this addiction with the fact that I live at the beach. I have the opportunity to sport swimwear just about year-round, on a regular basis. Not that I need to justify my behavior to anyone, but perhaps I’m justifying it to myself–perhaps I’m a bit disturbed by this obsession. Perhaps.
Okay not really. I’m pretty stoked about it, tbh. So I wound up buying this little number from Boys and Arrows; how cute is she?

As you can see, the leg is cut really high, which is super flattering. And the back is cut cheeky, which means I’m not covering up my juicy booty. I love the way this suit fits and I’m excited to take it to Greece to wear as both swimwear and a body suit.

It’s just a piece of fabric, sure, but embracing this piece of fabric helped me break through some truly strong story lines I’d held onto for so long, giving me an even greater sense of freedom in my body.

The interesting thing is that if 2-3 years ago, I’d had the exact body I’m living in right now, I wouldn’t have considered myself “one-piece worthy” or even “bikini ready.” I would have worn my most conservative swimsuit, covered up with a dress or long t-shirt, and I would not, under any circumstances, have allowed anyone to photograph me while wearing a bikini.

Today, I rock a thong bikini bottom (and now a one piece,who knew?!) regardless of my body fat percentage.I have more fat, but I am opting for less coverage and more confidence. Imagine that.

Over the last few years I’ve grown increasingly more confident in my skin, and simultaneously more irritated by the term “bikini body.” I’ve found myself blatantly outraged by the plethora of “bikini programs” out there that promise a bikini body in 60, 30, even 7 days. I abhor the idea that there is such a thing as an arbitrary “bikini worthy body.”

It hurts my heart when I hear women say, “I’m not the kind of person who wears bikinis,” especially if they actually want to rock a swimsuit.

As far as I’m concerned, we all have bikini bodies. Why? Because we all have bodies. Now, obviously you don’thave to wear a bikini if you don’t want to–but no one else gets to make that decision for you. No one has the right to declare that a “bikini body” consists of sculpted, flat abs, lean legs, and a perky butt. No one else gets to determine that bikini bodies are perfect and flawless–because as we all know, perfection is a myth.

The fact that anyone dare say a bikini body has particular requirements angers me to no end.

So, instead of complaining about it, I decided to do something about it. When something bothers us, we really have only two:

1) Accept it.

2) Do something to change it.

I refuse to accept that there is a such thing as a “bikini body.” I refuse to let society tell me that I have to get Summer ready before I can rock my new suits on the beach. I refuse to spend another Summer of my life covered up and ashamed, missing out on fun in the sun, sand, and sea.

So I started a rebellion–a BIKINI REBELLION to be exact. And, as we embark on the second annual rebellion, I’d like to invite you to join me. This is going to be a life changing week of reflection, intention, and acceptance–and it’s going to be a lot of fun, to boot.

The #bikinirebellion is a free 7-day challenge that begins this Monday, June 20th. This challenge was the beginning of something massively powerful, with last years Rebellion bringing together thousands of women allover the world. The feedback from this challenge brought tears to my eyes and chills to my body.

Women everywhere took back their worthiness and reclaimed the “bikini body.”

We learned that we are the kind of women who do whatever feels good in our hearts, regardless of the limits society tries to place upon us. We discovered that we are the kind of women who wear what we like, despite the media and it’s portrayal of perfection.

We stepped into our power, and onto beaches. We tore down the bikini body myth as we adorned pool chairs and beach blankets across the world. And this year, we’re doing it again.

During the challenge you’ll receive daily emails, mindset tips, and Instagram challenges–and even have the opportunity to win some huge prize packages from my friends at Onnit.  You’ll gain insight, confidence, and friendships–and cultivate a mindset that will greatly enhance your fitness journey.

To learn more about the challenge, and to sign up, simply click the banner below:

rebellion (1)

Once you’ve signed up, make sure you share the sign-up link with every woman you know. Pin it, tweet it, Instagram it, post it on Facebook–spread the word! Remember, it’s free to join. All you need to bring are an open heart and mind–and a willingness to release old stories that you’ve long held, the kind of stories that keep you from stepping into the power you inherently own.

The only way to create positive change is to collaborate, and as a purposeful sisterhood we can empower women all over the world to own and love the skin their in. We can spread the message that you can love your body during it’s transformation (or in the absence of any change whatsoever)–not just after. You can be the kind of women who makes decisions that thrill her and add value to her life–despite what society and the media think or portray.

I hope you’ll join me for the rebellion and I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

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