Magic is a return—to yourself, to Source, to all things earthly and cosmic. Magic is deepening and trusting your intuition; it’s the way you just know, the moments when you think, “of course.” Magic is co-creating with the Universe—collaborating, even as it trolls you. Recognizing there is so much available to you, if you’re willing to believe that you’re abundant.

Magic is in your bones. It’s the way you feel when you look up at the stars, out into the vastness of the ocean, and to the tops of ancient trees. Magic is marveling at the way the moon waxes and wanes, understanding that we too are free to do the same.

Magic is knowing we are celestial beings who are tasked with navigating a human experience. When we’re attuned with our magic, the world within us and around us feels more aligned, easier to navigate. Colors are brighter. Messages are clearer. Feelings are bigger.

Magic lives in everyday things: a cool breeze on a summer day, a hummingbird outside your office window, a parking spot that seemed to open up just for you. And it’s in the big things too: the birth of a baby, the creative energy that flows through you into your pen, your brush, your sword, the way a heart breaks open to reveal its mysteries.

Magic is in you, because babygirl you ARE magic. And in this way, magic is a homecoming.

[LABRADORITE: for magic makers, healers, lightworkers, witches, seekers—a stone that enhances intuitive abilities, lifts the veil between our world and worlds unseen, facilitates consciousness of the soul’s purpose + higher self, encourages spiritual growth, and awakens you to the magic within.

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