What is the Magic Maker Mastermind?

Okay, first of all, what the hell is a mastermind, anyway? For brevity's sake:

A mastermind is a group of like minded folks who come together to learn, grow, and connect. We support one another through our professional and personal growth, as well as help create a safe space for brainstorming, feedback, and information on all of our creative or entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Magic Maker Mastermind is like no other. Yes, we will work on crafting your brand and your business, but we'll also go heavy into the emotional, cultural, and spiritual baggage that keeps womxn feeling small in today's world.

MMM is an eight month journey (beginning  January 14, 2019) of intention, action, manifestation, and, of course, Magic.

This mastermind is for womxn who want to be total bosses in their professional lives while also being heart centered and soul driven—women who want to connect more deeply to themselves and their magic while leveling up their businesses and careers.

The Magic Maker Mastermind is for Womxn Who:

  • Want to absolutely crush it in their professional lives
  • Have a desire to do meaningful work while getting paid to do so
  • Desire accountability, guidance, and expert coaching to help reach their goals
  • Know there is more out there for them and are ready to discover it
  • Are sick of the world telling them who they're supposed to be
  • Desire more income, more personal freedom, and more meaningful life experiences
  • Have an idea they want to manifest into reality
  • Feel isolated or disconnected and seek like minded colleagues
  • Are tired of hustling in a 9-5 job that bores them
  • Are open to new experiences, even if they are scary as hell
  • Want someone to call them out on their bullshit so that they can grow into their fullness
  • Believe in the advancement of womxn and want to be a part of that rise

Does any of that sound like YOU? If you're a womxn who wants to be a total boss while staying
connected to her heart and soul, this mastermind is for YOU.


I'm Neghar—Your Coach + the Head Mistress of Magic Making

From the time I was 8 years old, I knew, with great certainty, that I was going to be a writer.

I knew that words were magic, and that I was naturally able to see the shape of them—to bend them and wield them and make them come to my life.

In the past 10 years I've written on everything from fitness to mindset to body image and feminism. I've learned how take my passion for reading Tarot and turn it into a full time job—reading Tarot literally pays my rent!

In that time I've coached hundreds of womxn to become more wholehearted, authentic, unapologetic versions of themselves—and it's through this work that I've connected most deeply to my soul's purpose: guiding women just like you into your magic.

Alas, despite being certain of my magic and my purpose, I had no guidance. No coaching. No mentorship.

I made mistakes over and over again that likely could have been avoided had I been a part of a mastermind or hired a coach—which is why I am so stoked to help you come into your magic with the help of a coach who completely has your back, every step of the way.

As a coach and a healer, I possess an innate ability to utilize empathy and awareness to help others come back to themselves—their true, powerful, purposeful selves.

I offer the guidance and support necessary to level up your mindset, your relationships, and your work (aka, your magic!).

Every single day I help womxn manifest their deeper magic and become more connected to their soul's purpose. As your coach, I will help you work through all of the things that are standing in the way of that—all of the ways in which the world attempts to keep you small.

I'll show you how to cultivate your magic, stand more firmly in your personal power, and create fantastic, successful work that you're insanely proud of. I'll teach you how to harness your own unique super powers so that you can live the life you were meant to live and do the work that wildly fulfills you.

We all have that thing that makes us unique—that talent, skill, idea, or innate ability—that super power that allows us to contribute to the world (and make money doing so) like only we can.

That thing that feels both natural and necessary, that fulfills you on a deeper level and adds value to the world—the thing you feel absolutely called to do.

The trouble is, we often find ourselves disconnected from it or unable to pinpoint what that purpose may be or how to utilize it.

And as a result we find ourselves doing work that bores and drains us—work that leaves us feeling as though we're just punching the clock and neglecting the burning desires of our souls.

Because the external world tells us who we're supposed to be, and sells us false tales of stability and the status quo, we fail to connect to what were born to do.

When we settle for stuff that doesn't light our souls on fire, we miss out on the full experience of life. We feel foggy, lethargic, dull, disappointed with our circumstances—and most of all, we feel stuck.

In that stickiness we begin to believe the lie that we've been told: that we don't deserve more, and that we are incapable of escaping this prison that leaves us feeling incomplete and unfulfilled.

The truth is that you don't need to feel lost, disconnected, or restless. You don't need to keep feeling unfulfilled by your work.

You can connect more deeply to your soul and the work it's asking you to do. You can learn how to cultivate your super powers and make beautiful, substantial, impactful contributions to the world.

I will show you how.


From blogging to newsletters to courses to sales copy—WORDS MATTER.

They are what will connect your potential customers and clients to you, and being able to wield them in a way that is both authentic and effective is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

So many of the womxn I see struggling in their business have one thing in common: they just can’t write—not in an authentic, compelling, heart wrenching way that flows easily and consistently.

And I get it—In the age of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Live, it’s easy to believe that writing doesn’t matter anymore, that video and visual are everything.

And why shouldn’t you? That’s what so many “experts" say and it's the way things seem to be moving.

But here's the thing: Even as all of those modalities are integral to your success as an entrepreneur, writing is—and always will be—the most important modality of all forms of communication.

Not only has the written word withstood generations of change, it's the way that you'll actually get people to pay attention to those videos in the first place.

Learning how to craft your written voice will help you on camera, at speaking engagements, with your coaching endeavors, and even in your Instagram captions.

The written word captures the rawness of the human experience in a way that is unparalleled—and as such, it's absolutely imperative that you learn to hone your writing skills in such a manner that communicates the essence of your work and your offerings.

As someone who has been writing for nearly three decades, I have a great deal of experience writing, editing, and helping others find their "voice."

I consider words to be magic and I will help you craft your magic by showing you how to both follow and break the rules of written language.

Through one-on-one coaching and group sessions, I will help you create original work that will both light up your soul and attract clients and customers to your offerings. We'll write everything from personal narratives, to poems, to sales copy. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT.

Writing is the backbone of any entrepreneurial pursuit, because regardless of how excellent your services and products are, no one will know that unless you can write about it in a way that is compelling and captures the reader's heart. Even if you don't plan to use writing as a business strategy, learning to write better will fulfill you as a HUMAN PERSON. I promise.

You don't have to waste your time writing blogs, emails, and sales pages that don't convert and fail to reflect the scope of your magic. You can learn to write in a way that fuels your business and dazzles your customers.

I will show you how.


You know that "who the hell am I" voice that keeps you from taking up space, making magic, and going after your dreams?

It says things like:

"Who am I to launch a website? I'm just a mom."

"Who am I to create a coaching course? No one will sign up."

"Who am I to call myself a leader or an influencer? I only have 200 followers."

"Who am I to go after my dreams? I should just play it safe and stay in the grind."

"Who am I to start a YouTube channel? Why would anyone watch my videos?"

"Who I am to create this course/product? There are already so many other people doing it."

I could keep going, but it's honestly just a bummer, isn't it? This limiting mindset keeps us from doing and saying and being all of the things we truly desire.

So many womxn believe that we are "just" who we are—no one special, with no right to take up space or ask more of the world, and zero confidence to put ourselves out there.

This feeling is so common, in fact, that there's actually a term for it; It's called "Imposter Syndrome."

Imposter Syndrome is terribly destructive to your professional life because it keeps you from creating, leading, impacting, and seeing opportunity.

It causes you to compare yourself to others, feeling small and insignificant next to the success of other womxn.

But it spills over into your personal life as well—keeping you small and powerless in your relationships and personal interactions.

Imposter Syndrome is a mindset that steals from us our most beautiful experience of life because we feel as though we don't deserve success, belonging, and abundance.

Can I tell you a secret? Everyone who has the courage to put their work out into the world has experienced Imposter Syndrome in varying degrees.

The difference is that those who are successful are able to recognize it, move through it, and know how to overcome it.

Successful people are resilient. They can call out Imposter Syndrome for the bullshit that it is, and they don't let it stop them from taking action.

You don't have to feel insecure about your work and your abilities.

You don't have to allow fear to keep you small. You don't have to keep hitting pause on your dreams because you feel like you have no right to chase them or you're embarrassed about what others may say about you.

You can overcome imposter syndrome and step into a space of confidence and personal power.

I will show you how.


Many entrepreneurs like to send a message about the "hustle," and tbh it vexes the hell out of me. I'm already a salty girl, but ooooooh does the salt pour on when I hear about the need to hustle!

There's this false idea that you have to sacrifice everything in the name of your work, grind until you're drained, and burn the midnight oil—or you're not a hustler, aka a person who works hard and stands behind the integrity of their work.

Self proclaimed "hustlers" will have you believe that you have to work constantly, neglect self care, reject social invitations, barely sleep, and have no semblance of balance—otherwise you just don't want it badly enough.

Listen, I'm all for the hustle. I do believe that we must work diligently for what we want, and that our work ethic directly related to our success.

But I absolutely do not support the notion that the only way to be successful is to be constantly exhausted and void of any social or recreational life.

Lemme tell you what, I run a succesful, fulfilling business and I sleep 8 hours a night, sometimes more. I workout 5x a week, have dinner every night with my family, get my nails done every two weeks, and spend a helluva lotta time in nature.

You don't have to be perpetually exhausted in order to get ahead. Boundaries are not for people who don't care enough about their dreams—they're for those who value every facet of their multifaceted lives.

Here's the truth: the hustle only works if it's accompanied by the flow.

The most successful creators are those who prioritize the flow: self-care, sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditative practices, social enrichment, and plain old fun.

They understand that an empty cup is one that doesn't produce anything worth noting, and that the best way to be productive doesn't involve constantly working.

If you've ever felt yourself trapped in the hustle, on an endless treadmill of work-work-work that doesn't seem to go anywhere, and generally exhausted by the idea of being an entrepreneur, I want you to know that is not the only way. In fact, I don't believe it's a sustainable way at all.

You can have a social life and a kickass career.

You can have time to create and time for your kids.

You can feel rested, regenerated, and invigorated even while "hustling" for your goals.

I will show you how.


When You Join the Magic Maker Mastermind You Get:


    You. Me. Quality time and gurl talk. Jkjkjk but also NOT!

    We will discuss anything and everything that is pertinent to your magic, from what’s holding you back to how to craft your current projects. This is your opportunity to get cozy with your coach and pick her brain to your heart’s content.

    Once a month. It’s a date.


    What’s better than a group of badass womxn who are hell bent on seeing you succeed? Not much, really. Unless those womxn have donuts (and wine).

    Our private Facebook group will connect you to the other Magic Makers so that you’ll never, ever feel alone on this journey. The 2018 group became so close, so fast that it really blew my mind. Those womxn are straight up SISTERS now.

    Plus it’s the perfect (and safe) place to bounce ideas around, ask questions, and pick the brains of some pretty magical folks.


    Every month we’ll have a new topic to cover, from branding, to marketing, to authenticity, to writing, to cultivating charisma, and everything in between.

    I’ll dole out reading materials and activities. Magic homework, so to speak—but the kind you’ll be excited about.


    GIVE ME ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! Absolutely nothing is off limits.

    Our weekly Q&A will take place in our Facebook group—sometimes as a live video (you can shoot me your questions beforehand) and sometimes as a text thread.

    Ask me anything, bb. I’ve gotchu.


    Not only will I wax poetic on all things magic and biz, but I’ll bring in some of my homies as well—Magic Makers who are experts in their fields and have so much value to add to your journey. You will get all the training you need to succeed in your professional and creative endeavors.


    Twice during our 8-month tenure we’ll meet in person, here in LA, to learn, laugh, drink vino, read tarot cards, and enjoy all that my beautiful beach town has to offer.

    There will be classroom time and chill time, plus an opportunity to showcase your projects and ask for instant feedback and support.

    Oh, and the best part? I’m inviting Magic Makers into my private residence to enjoy food, drink, and merriment. See. You. There.


    You didn’t think a Magic Maker Mastermind would be void of magic, did you?

    Every week I’ll do a tarot reading for the group to help set intentions for the week. I’ll share crystals, moon musings, and astrological happenings. This tends to spark a lot of meaningful conversation and journaling prompts, too :).


    All of your work, from writing to courses to programs to videos, is up for editing and consulting from me.

    I will look at whatever you’ve created and share my thoughts, edits, and suggestions so that you can feel confident that you’re being as effective as possible in your creations.

    Additionally, we will have optional writing assignments to help you craft your voice and skill.


    These group calls are a great way to connect, brainstorm, and share. They will be scheduled at various times to enable all time zones an opportunity to hop on.

    Can’t wait to see your faces on these calls!



Because this mastermind is hands-on and intimate in nature, I can only invite a small, curated group of womxn to join. This will ensure that each of you gets the support and guidance you need to truly come into your magic and manifest your dreams.

Once you submit your application, you'll  schedule a complimentary call with me to discuss where you are now, where you want to be, and how I can help you reach your goals. We'll both feel out the energy to see how well we flow together and determine if we're a good match for one another.

Simply click the button below to apply—THERE IS NO FINANCIAL OBLIGATION OF ANY KIND TO APPLY! Once you're accepted, we'll discuss investment options that include payment plans. Five sliding scale spots are being offered on an as-need basis, with single mamas and women of color taking priority.

I look forward to guiding you on this journey and helping you take your business and creative endeavors to the next level. It's going to be, dare I say, magical.

  • q-iconIs this for me if I don't have a business yet?

    YES! We will lay that foundation and save you the time and hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own. We’ll teach you how to create a website, curate your  brand, and so much more.

  • q-iconIs this for me if I have an existing business?

    YES! If you’re in the first 5(ish) years of building your business or brand, you will gain SO MUCH through MMM.

  • q-iconIs this just for Los Angeles folks?

    NO! Everything is online/on the phone except the two retreats (dates TBD by end of December). Last year I had womxn from all over the country and Canada.

  • q-iconIs this gender specific?

    Anyone who identifies as a womxn is welcome to apply, regardless of gender assigned at birth.

  • q-iconWhen does it start?

    The mastermind officially begins January 14, 2019 and runs for 8 months.

  • q-iconWhat's the investment?

    Once your application is accepted, we’ll hop on the phone and discuss all the details, including payment plans. Five sliding scale spots are reserved for single mamas and women of color.