By: Neghar On: October 15, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

Maybe it wasn’t meant for you.

Maybe it has to fall apart, so it can come back together as something new, something more aligned with who you are becoming.

Maybe the rug had to be pulled out from beneath you because the rug wasn’t the one that really tied the room together.

Maybe when it feels like everything is a mess, all of the walls you know so well are crumbling, it’s actually just your life rearranging itself—it’s actually just the universe taking things from you because they aren’t meant for you, after all.


And maybe you will receive this lesson, over and over again. You will cling and you will claw and you will cry—but then you will let go. You will let dead things die. You will trust the path that’s being forged in your honor.

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