By: Neghar On: July 24, 2018 In: heart wisdom, Mindfulness Comments: 0

The universal connection to all things—earth and cosmos, human and spirit, the deeper sense of knowing that resides within us all—it’s always available to us. We are the co-collaborators of our experience of this earthly realm, hand in hand with the universe who sometimes trolls the shit out of us just to get our goddamn attention.

But instead of occupying higher states of consciousness, spending time in solitude, in communion with self and nature, we numb. We distract. We click and comment and consume. It’s what we’ve been conditioned to do.

To live with abundance in the fullness of our being requires that we get honest with ourselves about the habits and behaviors that steal from our higher selves. Over consumption of social media and substances, under consumption of real connection and light. We don’t sleep enough. We watch too much TV. We don’t get enough time away from electronics and traffic and the incessant distraction of the modern world. We are often out of alignment and disconnected with our celestial nature.

The solution to the discord of the human condition isn’t to berate ourselves—to feel guilt and shame over our unproductive and unfulfilling habits. The answer is a graceful and honest inventory of our behavior, followed by a realistic commitment to dismantling that which doesn’t serve our higher purpose. We are called to bear witness, not stand in judgment, of the ways in which we show up in our lives. Less clicking, more connecting.

Less criticism, more curiosity. Less consumption. More creation.

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