By: Neghar On: June 24, 2018 In: heart wisdom, Mindfulness Comments: 0

In my bones I know this body will live but once.

This thought, with great potential to produce worry and angst, crosses my mind at least once a day. But contrary to its seeming morbidity, it propels me to be easy.

Be present.

Be fully engaged and speak my truth.

To stay rooted in my values and my power. To channel energy into that which truly matters and check myself when I’m doing otherwise. To use that energy to fight the the capital F fight.

To let go. Of habitual worry. Of should’s and supposed to’s. Of imposter syndrome. Of mindless consumption. Of anything that dims my light. Of anything that distracts me from my souls purpose. Of anything that doesn’t set my soul ablaze.

Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, but I promise to see you right now.

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