By: Neghar On: April 11, 2019 In: heart wisdom, Mindset Comments: 0

I canceled plans and rescheduled meetings, and it was FINE. No one freaked out. Nothing imploded. Everyone was chill about the fact that I was sick and desperately needed to rest.

And yet, prior to canceling plans and rescheduling meetings, I agonized. Will they be upset? How will this impact my schedule? Who am I letting down? I wasted a lot of energy worrying about what might happen, when in reality it was FINE. It’s always fine.

Because even if folks had been disappointed, there was nothing I could (or should) do to manage that. My job is to navigate my own energy and communicate my needs—not to manage other people’s emotions.

The continued lesson here for me (and maybe for you, too?) is to give folks the benefit of the doubt while simultaneously detaching from their response. Rather than expend my energy worrying about how I’ll be received, I choose to show up in my integrity, speak my truth, uphold my boundaries, and leave the rest up to you.

Because your response is yours to have, not mine to manage.

If we try to manage other people’s energy and emotions, nobody wins. But, if we commit to honest communication and firm boundaries, allowing everyone the space to feel their own feelings…well, that’s a scenario wherein everybody wins.

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