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These three photos were taken within seconds of each other, while playing in the Aegean Sea at a beach on the island of Naxos.

The only thing that’s changed here is the lighting and a slight change in my stance. In case the lighting on your screen or external lighting hinders you from seeing the details: the photo on the far right shows visible cellulite; the others do not.

I’m sharing these photos side by side in an effort to help women embrace their bodies, and as a vulnerability and authenticity practice for myself. Anytime I publish something this vulnerable, I have a momentary pit in my stomach–but the second that’s subsided, I feel so much relief.

Because I could’ve just shared the photos on the right and the middle, with a lovely caption about my travels and such. That would have been just fine, too. But when I looked at these photos on my camera roll, I understood on a deep level that posting one without the other would mean missing out on a powerful opportunity to truly practice what I teach here, and through my work in the world.

The truth is, I seriously love my body all three pictures, because guess what? It’s no ones job to love me but my own. So, I have to own that job like my life depends on it, because in a very real way, it does.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been handed a set of genetics that I have to learn how to both accept and work with. We all get dealt our cards, and the only thing we have control over is how we choose to play the hand.

There are certain things about my body I can’t change and others that I’m unwilling to change. Regardless, I exercise regularly and eat mindfully, sans obsession or restriction. I’m just going to keep on living and loving my life despite cellulite and stretch marks.

I won’t let a little perceived “imperfection” keep me from having island adventures.

I could’ve (as I’ve done in the past) launched a full blown assault on my self worth, using words like “gross” and “disgusting.” I know so many women who do this, and because I used to be one of them, I know that it’s a heartbreaking practice. I could look at this picture and decide that I need to change myself in order to be loved, respected, or appreciated.

I could delete it and make sure no one in the universe ever sees it.

But I chose instead to post the photo of my cellulite as an example of how sometimes what we see out there is all angles, smoke, and mirrors. Sometimes what we see of ourselves is skewed and self-criticized. And I refuse to let the picture on the left have any kind of power over me.

I refuse to question my worth or be unkind and judgmental towards myself. And furthermore, I refuse to let the pictures contradict each other. They’re both me, in fullness and authenticity.

My hope is that every woman will see herself in her fullness–that she will learn to love, accept, and respect herself, both in word and in deed. That is my hope for you and for all the women of the world. Because ladies, it’s our job to love our bodies, and ours alone.

You are a whole person; you’re not simply your cellulite, stretch marks, or muscles. You aren’t a set of features and flaws that can be picked apart and put back together like a Mrs. Potato Head doll.You are all of it, and in that fullness you are a truly radiant creature. 

Don’t you forget it.

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