By: Neghar On: August 24, 2018 In: heart wisdom, Mindset Comments: 0

In our home, we have a motto: Everything is meaningful and nothing matters at all.

An ocean breeze. Salty air and the crash of waves. The way jasmine both gently and unapologetically occupies its air space. New pens and a fresh sketchbook. A cold glass of something fermented. When your kids tell you they love you with prompt. Sleeping in. Waking up before the sun. Laughing until your belly hurts. Crying until you can’t.

These are meaningful things. Things that hold weight, should we choose to hold them at all.

Most things don’t matter.

The number of likes on a photo. The number of 0’s in a bank account. The number on the scale. Most numbers, in general. What other people think of you. Dishes in the sink. Spilling coffee on a white T-shirt. Traffic. Wrinkles.
Most things are a scam: taxes, health insurance, dry cleaning—multitudes of distractions built to pull you away from that which is meaningful, that which is magical.

Everything is meaningful and nothing matters at all. Are you willing to accept this dichotomy? To navigate this with grace and purpose? I believe that if we can do this, we’ll live our best life, day after day until the end of our days.

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