Let's give them a home, shall we? 

If you're anything like me, writing is like breathing. You probably have a myriad notebooks full of stories, poems, and ideas that are yearning to be turned into a book. Both of my books began as messy piles of paper scraps, and I love helping other people turn those scraps into books. 

As a self published author, I know the level of courage and vulnerability required to produce print work. Even after years of writing blogs, newsletters, and Instagram captions, I was terrified to publish anything I couldn't delete! But, once I did, the joy of holding my book in my hands far outweighed the fear of putting my work out there. It's the kind of joy every writer should get to experience.

I also know how frustrating traditional publishing can be, and as such, have successfully navigated the self publishing world. I'm here to help you streamline that process so your words have a place to live and breathe.

And, if you decide you need coaching and editing to make your book come to life, I've got you. Let's schedule a Word Witch consultation call to discuss your needs and get you on the path towards publishing your book.