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Things I regularly do with my son:

Make silly faces
Have dance parties
Watch and read Harry Potter
Take walks on the beach
Play backgammon
Skateboard around our hood
Make up ridiculous songs

Things I don’t do:

Volunteer at school functions
Attend every single football/soccer practice or game
Bake cupcakes for birthdays
Play legos for more than 10 min
Engage in Nerf gun battles

This list is totally okay with me. I’m doing the things that are authentic to me as a person, while finding ways to connect with and support my son.

But I’ve found that there’s this assumption as parents that we “have” to do certain things in order to be considered a “good parent.” If you’ve ever felt this way–you’re not alone!

The truth is that the only “must” as parents is to offer a safe, loving, nurturing environment for them to grow and explore.

The way I interpret my role as a mother might be different than yours, and yours might be different than the neighbor down the street. And all of that is okay–none of the “have to’s” are what make us good mothers.

It’s unconditional love, compassion, and a willingness to teach the hard stuff that make us good mothers–and each of us does that in our own, unique way. The best thing us Mamas can do for each other is to support one another, never compare, and never judge.

We’re all in this together, and we’re all trying our best to figure it out.

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