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What I know about confident people is this:

They show up in their fullness, no matter what anyone thinks. It’s not that they don’t care what other people think, rather that they are so secure in themselves, their magic, and the way they show up in the world, that other people’s opinions don’t control their behavior.

To say “I don’t care what anyone thinks,” is to disregard the nuance of human emotion, connection, and acceptance.  It’s an attempt to protect ourselves and shut down any criticism that may challenge our worthiness. But babygirl, if you are sitting on the throne of your own worthiness, no one can take that from you. No one’s opinions can keep you from showing up in the fullness of your being.

If you find yourself struggling with this, trying not to obsess over what other people think of you, worrying about how you’re seen rather than standing fully in your power, try channeling the following three messages:


What other people think about anything is the cumulative result of their own lens, influenced by their own experiences, and a script which only they follow. If there was ever a thing that had nothing to do with you, it’s other peoples opinions of you—even if they’re high. Remember that we are all reflecting and projecting at any given time; we’re all out here trying to unpack our own bullshit and rewrite our narratives to better serve us.

Don’t let other people’s opinions become your truth.


Do some gentle introspection and determine what you think of you. Do you like your damn self? Are you standing in your own power? Do you ever question why you care what other people think in the first place? Because chances are, there’s some unprocessed trauma that keeps you in that space. (Unpack that shit!)

Self reflection allows us to develop a level of self awareness that roots us in our own value system and identity. We begin to realize, with more clarity, who we are and what we stand for; in doing so, we come to see ourselves through the only lens that truly matters: our own.

If there are aspects of your being that you want to recalibrate and evolve, by all means, do so—but do so from a place of nurturing. Commit to being the highest expression of yourself. Find your worthiness internally. Stay there. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters.


Remember in the end, we are ash and ember, memories dissolving, bones decomposing. Using this ephemeral experience to fixate on the opinions of others, to seek external validation, and look elsewhere for our worthiness—that is a travesty we simply cannot abide.In other words, do you boo boo.

Don’t waste your time trying to fit into other people’s boxes.


Love you. xo


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