By: Neghar On: April 30, 2019 In: heart wisdom, Mindset, ritual, witchy things Comments: 0

Every morning I sit in my favorite chair, surrounded by my plants, a cup of coffee in my hand, sage burning, my phone on airplane mode. I don’t check email or scroll through Instagram. I don’t put any pressure on myself to do anything—and instead give myself a few moments to just BE.

Sometimes I throw on a record.

Sometimes I sit in silence.

Most times I stare off into space and just allow myself to ease into the land of the living before embarking on the myriad tasks of being Mom, Coach, Artist, Partner.

This is my current morning ritual because it’s what my life allows for at this time, and honestly, it’s what feels right. It’s not a routine—not something to check off my list or add to my planner; this is my time to center myself and fill my cup so I can go out into the world and thrive.

Anything is a ritual if done in pursuit of expansion and grounding. Anything is a ritual if done with intention. Anything is a ritual it you want it to be.

Don’t let the idea of a “morning ritual” become more complicated than it needs to be—spend some time alone, do it with intention, that’s it. The ways in which you do this can change every day or over time; there are no rules except a relentless commitment to your own nourishment.

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