By: Neghar On: May 4, 2019 In: heart wisdom, Mindset, self care Comments: 0

Listen. It’s hard to learn how to love the shit out of yourself in a world that functions best when you don’t. It’s challenging to feel as though you’re enough and you have enough in a capitalistic, patriarchal society that thrives on convincing you how much more you need and how little you’re currently worth.

But, babygirl, if you’ve ever birthed a baby, lost a loved one, left a long term relationship, moved away from home, squatted your body weight+, pulled yourself over a bar, called someone you love out on their bullshit, paid off debt, graduated college, started a business, folded a fitted sheet—you’re not unfamiliar with HARD work.

You get it. You’ve got it. You know the fuckin drill. You’re strong enough to do the hard work. You know that even when it’s sticky and seemingly impossible, it will become unstuck, as it always does. And you will triumph, as you always do.

Learning to love yourself is no different. It’s work work work until one day, it isn’t. One day, you’ll look in the mirror and wonder how you ever talked down to and underestimated that bad bitch looking back at you. You’ll know that all the work you did was for this moment and every moment after.

And then you’ll be home.

Keep. Going.

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