By: Neghar On: April 16, 2019 In: heart wisdom, Mindset, witchy things Comments: 0

Sometimes I just want everything to fuck right off.

I don’t always *want* the drama, the stress, the WORK of having to process and manage every goddamn feeling and energetic exchange. Sometimes I want to numb and distract and cope, instead of explore what’s going on beneath the surface, the lessons the Universe relentlessly doles out.

This commitment to “higher consciousness” and personal growth is fuckin’ exhausting—and sometimes it wears me out, right down to my bones.

It’s more than “okay” to feel this way—it’s HUMAN. I’m human. You’re human. At some point you’ll want everyone and everything to fuck all the way off so you can eat your chocolate covered pretzels and binge on Netflix in peace. And that’s just fine, bb.

Not every moment of your human experience needs to be spent in spiritual introspection. You can be self aware and simultaneously choose to check out. You don’t need to dissect every funky mood and unpack every single trigger.

Sometimes what you need is a few hours—days, even—of not giving a fuck, all the while knowing that you do.

Catch your breath.

Take a break from everything, including yourself.

This journey of self exploration is a marathon, not a sprint.

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