Mini Spiritual Guidance


Because I know you’ve got questions, bb.

Alas, ya girl is busy busy busy writing The Universe is Trolling You, coaching clients, doing readings, drawing this oracle deck, and working on what is probably too many projects at once. I know you get it because you’re probably out there hustlin’ too.

As such, rather than ignore the hella DMs I just don’t have the time or energy to answer, I offer you the “HEY GIRL” email service. Anything from relationship advice to magic queries to skincare, I’ve got you. Muscles, Magic, and MESSY conversations is what I’m all about, so anything within that frame is on the table.

If you have quick questions about relationships, what books to read, how to get started with Tarot, how to work through a sticky situation, when to leave, when to stay, how to go on…literally ANYTHING you would feel compelled to ask me that would take roughly 10 minutes to answer  via email, ask it here.

When you wanna hit ya girl in the DMs, hit me here instead to help keep me sane and to offer an exchange for my emotional and energetic labor.

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You’ve got questions. I’ve got (some kinda) answers.

If you’re looking for 5-10 minutes of advice/guidance from my salty, sassy ass, you’re in the right place.

Once you submit payment, you’ll be redirected to a form to ask your question and I’ll email you an answer within 48 hours.

Talk soon! xoxo