Everyday Alchemy



Stop spending your morning scrolling through Instagram or frantically running from one thing to the next. Life is too short to spend it scattered, anxious, and energetically depleted.

You deserve to start your day with MAGIC, not madness.

I invite you to commit to the practice of EVERYDAY ALCHEMY—take charge of your mornings by checking in with yourself, filling your cup, and protecting your energy.




Yo, it’s not that complicated actually.

Everyday Alchemy is a 30-day email series, beginning on December 1st. It’s not a course or a program—more of a project, if you will. There won’t be any homework, and there sure as hell won’t be any math.

Every day I will write to you, from my sassy, salty, spiritual soul, straight to your inbox. Each email has one purpose: to help you come home to yourself, every single day.

I want you to take a few minutes each day to check in with yourself, gather your energy, and fill your cup. I want you to value ritual just as much as you value habits and tasks. I want you to do the alchemy of your soul—to prioritize self care and conscious living.

So I’m writing to you, because writing is what I do.

Think of this as poems, prose, or a book of spells, delivered to your inbox page by page, over the course of 30 days. Use Everyday Alchemy to help you reject the hustle and object to the grind. Each email, each collection of words, is an incantation to help you connect more deeply with the magic that is already within you.

Use this email series as an addition to your morning rituals or perhaps an introduction to the entire practice altogether.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing via Instagram, my blog, and Musings for the Moon, you will love Everyday Alchemy. I might even do something WILD and offer it up as a hard copy in 2020. WHO KNOWS, Y’ALL! Anything can happen.

If you’re ready to party with me for 30 days, click that buy button and let’s do the damn thing.


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