One Card Tarot Reading


Let’s make some magic together, bb!

In addition to my three-card skype readings, I’m now offering one-card readings via email for just $75. Once you purchase your reading you’ll be taken to an intake form where you can ask anything and everything. I’ll email you back with your reading within a few days, including pictures, messages + interpretations, and journaling prompts.

This is a fun and affordable way to gains some clarity and guidance for the final quarter of 2018.

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Product Description

Tarot is a powerful and potent way to gain clarity and discern what you need to manifest or release in order to live your best life. It won’t tell you the future or answer your yes/no questions, but it will provide a map to your deeply layered internal landscape.

As a word witch and a lightworker, I use Tarot to help womxn step further into expansion. You’ll receive a beautiful design depicting your reading and my word witchery. I am so stoked to read for you!