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This quickie is super fun and effective, but it is slightly detail oriented–so you’ll need to read through/listen to the instructions with a bit of extra focus. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll LOVE what this quickie can do for your chin-up strength while simultaneously promoting fat loss.

All you need is a chin-up bar (and possibly a band for assistance) and one kettlebell. We’ll be doing “max” chin-ups followed by 20 hand-to-hand KB swings.

By max chin-ups, I mean the amount you can do relatively effortlessly, so you don’t want to crank out any ugly reps. Instead, you’ll want to stop when you think maybe you’ve got 1 more rep in you. If you’re using a band, it’s the same concept, but you’ll be using the least amount of resistance you can. It doesn’t matter if your chin-ups are assisted or unassisted, you’re going to get a lot of practice with the movement during this workout.

On each subsequent set, reduce your chin-ups by 1 rep and your swings by 2. Set a timer for as much time as you’ve got to spare, and keep going for up to 10 total sets.

So, for example, mine looks like this:

Set 1
Chin-up: 12
Swings: 20

Set 2
Chin-up: 11
Swings: 18

Set 3
Chin-up: 10
Swings: 16

Set 4
Chin-up: 9
Swings: 14

Set 5
Chin-up: 8
Swings: 12

And so on…

You could certainly do 2-arm swings as well if you prefer, and reduce the reps by 1-2 each set. Now I know you must be wondering, “what if I want to do 10 sets but I start at 5 chin-ups?” No worries! Just do as many as you can on each set of chins. The descent is designed simply to allow you to keep working sets even as you fatigue slightly with each set–it’s not mandatory by any means.


Have fun, be safe, & get sweaty!


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