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Eat, Lift & be Happy Tanks

Get your Eat, Lift & be Happy swag! You can now wear your ELbH, Quadzilla, and Meathead Yogi love with pride wherever you go. The gym, the studio, the coffee shop, or even the wine bar–our 100% uniquely designed apparel will take you anywhere in style. Quantities are very limited, so act fast!



Super Heroine Fitness


You are the heroine of your own story.

You are the only person who decides where this journey will take you and how rich the experience will be. And because you are your own Super Heroine, there is nothing that can stop you.

You have the power to transform your body, mind, and total lifestyle—all of the tools (aka super powers) are at your finger tips.

With the 12-week SHF program as your guide, those super powers will be harnessed SUPERCHARGED, ensuring spectacular results.



The Complete Lean & Lovely Transformation System 

Lean & Lovely is my debut transformation program, designed to help you reshape your body, renew your mind, and reclaim your life. L&L includes a 100 page training manual, a 100 page nutrition handbook, 25 bonus sweat sessions, and video demonstrations. Plus you’ll get successful mindset exercises that will help you cultivate a vibrant life, and learn the 7 Lean & Lovely truths that will completely transform you in every possible way. Lean & Lovely isn’t just a fat-loss program–it’s a 12 week total transformation program that will change the way you look at food and exercise forever.


Do Yoga Faster

PhotoDidn’t get Lift Weights Faster 2 through my link? Feeling bummed and wishing you had some yoga and ELBH vibes in your life? You’re in the right place! For a limited time, you can get DYF2 and the ELBH (faster) Guide for just $19.





Athletic Greens

Naturally cover all of your nutritional bases with Athletic Greens: probiotics, digestive enzymes, alkaline greens, minerals and more-all in just one serving a day. Athletic Greens contains absolutely no synthetic chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners of any kind, no GMO’s, herbicides, or pesticides, no wheat, dairy, gluten, corn, lactose, sucrose, dextrose, egg, yeast, or peanuts and no animal products.




Omega 3

90% of modern diseases are diseases of INFLAMMATION. This inflammation is largely caused by a complete IMBALANCE of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s. Modern diets have been shown to have Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratios of over 20:1 vs. our historical natural levels of 1:1 to 1:3 Omega 3 to Omega 6.

You MUST lower your intake of Omega 6’s while make sure to INCREASE your intake of the Omega 3’s EPA and DHA to quickly regain this balance.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is through supplementation with pharmaceutical grade fish oil.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a real problem that affects at least 50% of adults. It can cause depression, fatigue, and mood swings! While unfiltered sunlight is by far the best way to absorb vitamin D, it isn’t always something we can manage. That’s why I recommend taking a high quality D supplement daily to help boost immunity, improve moods, and support optimal hormone levels.



US Wellness Meats


The meat industry can be scary. With US Wellness Meats, you know you’re getting high quality meat from farmers who care about the treatment of animals and the quality of their product. You’ll get Grassland beef and poultry, Compassionate Certified pork, grass-fed dairy and more–all freezer packed and delivered to your doorstep. The quality is second to none and the taste cannot be beat. Grass-fed beef has so many benefits including higher CLA and omega-3, plus it’s better for the environment and the local farmers. I support US Wellness Meats because I stand behind the concept of a farm-to-table culture, and I take pride in feeding my family and myself with high quality, responsibly raised animal products.

 Biotrust Nutrition

In an industry that is virtually unregulated, Biotrust makes supplements that you can trust, using only top-quality, all-natural ingredients that are free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives. I know the guys that own this company, and I stand behind their products. The protein powder and protein bars are amazing, but the protein cookies are by far my favorite!


 Live Well 360 Gym Bags

Eggplant Purple Luxx Fitness BagLive Well 360 makes premium yoga and fitness bags that are fashionable, functional and high quality and have been featured in Oxygen, Shape and Experience Life magazines. In addition, they are building a community of ambassadors and bloggers that support  their vision for living well in all aspects of life. From the Live Well Creed: “Health and fitness is a way of life. It’s not something we do, it’s what we are. It’s a part of us. It’s the way we think. The actions we take. The choices we make. It’s not a chore, we make it fun.”


Nothing inspires me to be more active than my Fitbit! I wear it all day every day in order to track my steps and ensure I’m being active throughout the day–not just for the one hour I spend working out. The fitbit is comfortable, waterproof, and comes in a variety of colors. I loved mine so much, I even bought one for my husband and my son.