• The Lean & Lovely Transformation System

    The Lean & Lovely Transformation System

    Lean & Lovely is my debut transformation program, designed to help you reshape your body, renew your mind, and...

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  • Do Yoga Faster

    Do Yoga Faster

    Didn’t get Lift Weights Faster 2 through my link? Feeling bummed and wishing you had some yoga and ELBH...

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  • Super Heroine Fitness

    Super Heroine Fitness

    You are the heroine of your own story. You have the power to transform your body, mind, and total lifestyle—all...

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  • New Mood

    New Mood

    Listen, sometimes I’m moody. I’m allowed. But I don’t like to let y moods get the better of me, which is...

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  • Alpha Brain

    Alpha Brain

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  • Kettlebells


    It’s no secret that I use kettlebells quite often in my training programs. I don’t discriminate when it comes...

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  • Krill Oil

    Krill Oil

    There are a handful of supplements I deem NON-NEGOTIABLE for daily consumption; Krill oil is on that short list....

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