By: Neghar On: February 6, 2019 In: heart wisdom Comments: 0

I sat in my car and cried before picking up my son last night. It was a rough Tuesday—the kind in which the Universe trolled me hard from multiple angles. Nothing went as planned. Technology was not my friend. My kid got injured at school (he’s okay). I received some frustrating news that made me irritable and tense. Everything was in various states of disarray, and finally, without apology, without reproach, I surrendered.

So why am I smiling? Because I had an absolute shitshow of a day, was in an awful mood, AND DIDN’T TAKE IT OUT ON ANYONE—including myself. Because I’ve done the work of reclamation and self liberation that allows me to see WHY the universe trolls me, and am learning to lean into the lessons, even when they’re uncomfortable. Because here I am, in my favorite chair, surrounded by plants, doing work that feeds my soul—because I lived to see another day of a life that I created, a life that strives to reject and rebel against the overculture.

Make no mistake, so much of the world is on fire—what can we do instead of sitting back and watching it burn? We can light our souls on fire in tandem—we can reclaim just a morsel of our lives, just a little of our own fire, with every breath, with every tear.

with love & salt,

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