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Turn off the TV.

Put down your phone.

Pick up a book. A pen. A paintbrush. String words together and call it a poem. Slide playfully around the hardwood floor in your socks and call it dancing. Flip a record; listen with rapture as the needle circles the empty grooves of vinyl before the music starts. Be a logophile. Be an audiophile. Practice gratitude, both authentically and ironically.

Don’t take anything too seriously, especially yourself.

Go on adventures outside of your one mile radius—your bubble, your comfort zone. Take spontaneous trips to the desert. Put the top down on the Jeep and let the wind make knots of your hair. Hold hands in the car; play games to make LA traffic an opportunity to spend time together. Time alone. Time with your thoughts or with music that moves your soul.

Don’t complain about traffic.

Get your hands dirty. Plant an herb garden. Adorn your home with plants and take deep pleasure in all that is alive and green. Take care of them as best you can with the explicit knowledge that many of them will die and it’s all part of the process. Let them teach you about detaching from outcomes.

Say yes when you mean it and no when you need to; don’t do things out of obligation—it doesn’t actually benefit anyone. Don’t do things that scare you just because they scare you—do them because you can’t stop thinking about doing them. Because you know that if you don’t scratch the itch, you’ll regret it.

Regret nothing; apologize for your wrongdoings but be unapologetically your true self. Learn from all of your mistakes. Grow exponentially from failure and don’t allow it to paralyze your passion. Go for broke. What if this is the only life you get?

Stop worrying so much about your body; it’s a corporeal vessel for the magic you will bring into this world. Treat it with respect by being autonomous in your decisions and refusing to conform to an arbitrary standard. Look at yourself in the mirror, first with objectivity, and eventually with adulation.

 Adore yourself (don’t expect anyone else to do that for you).

 Light a sage bundle; smudge away the ghosts and demons and make room for new magic. Don’t bring your old shit into the next chapter. Set fire to that which doesn’t serve you. Laugh at your own jokes. Revolve around that which evolves you.

 Let go of all that suffocates your soul.


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