If you feel uninspired, disconnected, or unworthy—this message is for YOU.

The hard truth is, you simply cannot afford to spend ONE MORE SECOND in a life that doesn't thrill and fulfill you.

It's time to take ownership and finally make the changes you know you need to make to live the life you were meant to live.

Join me and I'll show you how to unstick your life and create a life you'll actually be excited to wake up to every single day.

This program is open to women who are committed to transforming and evolving their lives. It takes a lot of courage to say YES to yourself and commit to your most authentic, abundant life.

I invite you to take that step today.

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Do you want to feel happier? More alive? More comfortable in your skin?

Are you frustrated with your career, relationships, and your body?

Do you feel like there just has to be a better way but you don't know how to change?

I Will Show You How

My name is Neghar Fonooni, but you can call me Neg. Some people call me Nooni and I like that too.

I've been a fitness and lifestyle coach for 16 years and I absolutely love my job. Teaching women how to create drama-free, powerful, body-positive lives is not only my gift, it's my passion.

As your coach, I'll be there with you every step of the way, guiding you, encouraging you, and challenging you. I've got your back and I will help you create the life you deserve.

We can do this, together.

Through this transformative, in depth coaching course, women all over the world have reclaimed their worthiness and embraced their power, in order to create their spectacular life.

Now it's your turn.

Here's what I know about you: I know that you identify as a woman and that you want MORE from your life. I know that you deserve to feel more comfortable in your body and powerful in your daily life.

You want to...

...Elevate your fitness and nutrition game...

...Deepen your relationships...

...Develop a more successful, positive mindset...

...Wake up feeling inspired and go to bed feeling fulfilled...

...Love and accept your body...

...Embody the power and confidence to deal with all the obstacles life throws your way...

You want a Wholehearted Life.

The truth is, there is a better way for women like you—a way to navigate the modern world so that you can show up powerfully and compassionately. And when you join me on this incredible 12-week journey, that's exactly what you'll get.

I'm going to help you identify the things that are holding you back, show you how to create the life that you crave, and give you the support you need to become your most empowered self.

BUT, this program isn't for everyone. I'm only able to work with a handful of women, so I need to be selective in order to create an intimate, compassionate, hands on experience.


This program is not for you if:

  • You aren't willing to commit 15 minutes a day to bettering yourself
  • You're unwilling to go deep and ask and the hard questions
  • You feel like this is it and nothing will ever change, no matter what you do
  • You're waiting for someone to fix your problems and refuse to take responsibility
  • You don't want to do the work

Wholehearted Coaching is for you if you're sick of feeling small and you want to play BIG

If you're fed up with merely existing and you want to fully LIVE, if you're sick of feeling stuck and you know there's more out there, if you want to effing LOVE your life and you're willing to do the work, Wholehearted Coaching is designed for YOU.

I'm going to give you the strategies, guidance, and support that you need to be a wholehearted woman—a woman who prioritizes her body, mind, and soul, and lives with deep, fluid intention.

You're going to learn how to show up authentically, courageously, and fully empowered. 

If you are sick of the struggle and you want to finally be free from food and fitness obsession and the need to be perfect, you absolutely must sign up for Wholehearted Coaching TODAY.

Join me and some truly EXTRAORDINARY women for the 12-week journey that will completely change your life—forever.

When you join this program, you'll get the tools, strategies, and support you need to create the abundant, joyful life you crave.



You'll receive 4 fully customizable training programs to fuel your fitness endeavors. To ensure you're doing exercises properly, you can submit form check videos for review at at any time.

I'll teach you how to add value to your life through fitness, rather than feel obligation towards or stressed about working out.


When we're constantly stressed and obsessed over every detail of our fitness, nutrition, relationships, and careers, it's impossible to move forward and be successful.

I'll teach you how to let go of obsessive behaviors that are keeping you from living your most vibrant life.


I will teach you how to stop comparing your body to those on the covers of magazines and start loving your body NOW.

You are a goddess and a warrior, and I will help you reclaim and affirm that notion. You don't have to hate your body and call yourself a work in progress: You are enough, as is.


Relationships are tough. Whether dealing with a spouse, family member, employer, or coworker, it's often difficult to do so without drama.

The good news is that it's possible to have compassionate, productive relationships that don't drain and frustrate you. Instead, your relationships have the capacity to fulfill and energize you!

I'll teach you how to properly manage your energy, take ownership, and take care of yourself in a way that lets you show up fully in your relationships—both personal and professional.

I'll help you create more meaning and fulfillment through your relationships with others as well as deepen your relationship with yourself.


What if I told you that feeling resentful about the past and anxious about the future was something you could easily avoid with just a few daily habits?

With just a few tweaks and consistent practice we can learn how to show up fully charged and engaged to that we can take back the present and enjoy every day to the fullest.


I understand the pressure to be perfect, the hustle for worthiness, the obsession over whether or not we're doing it "right."

I know what it's like to feel alone, unsupported, misunderstood—and I want you to know you don't have to feel any of those things. I want you to know there is a better way, and I can show you how to create it.


You can have the life that you crave. You can have a career that thrills you and relationships that fulfill you. You can feel free and powerful in your body and full in your heart.

I will teach you how.


As your coach, I am deeply invested in your self-improvement, and fully committed to helping you realize your best life ever.

For the past 16 years I've worked with women all over the world, helping them to create a lifestyle that allows them to be their highest, most energetic selves.

I've spent my career teaching women how to get in touch with their inner goddess and harness their energy in a way that truly serves them.

I'm here to help you get fit from the inside out, and live a vibrant, full, balanced life. But, as we all know, showing up is the most important step on any journey, so you must hit the button below and say YES to the call.

Take this first step towards your empowered life and join me before enrollment closes and it's too late.

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Women All Over The World Have Transformed Their Lives With This Program


Are you afraid to wear a bikini?

Do you ever stand in the mirror criticizing your body or worry that others are scrutinizing and judging you? You are not alone. I've worked with so many women just like you who have a hard time accepting their bodies, let alone loving them.

The world we live in has told us that we need to be ashamed if we don't live up to societies standards, and that all we have to offer the world is our body. The truth is, that's total bullshit. We can learn to be free and alive in our bodies and stop caring what other people think, and absolutely can wear a bikini anytime we please.

Stephanie learned to find love, power, and compassion in her own body, and discovered how to develop strength from the inside out...

I am so grateful for my newfound sense of acceptance of and appreciation for my body. I appreciate a growing sense of courage and freedom to be myself, use my voice, and be less worried about what others think of me.

I could not have imagined back in the beginnning of WHC that I'd develop the inner strength and self-love to be able to hear a little voice that tells me, "You really ARE worthy, you know that? And you're going to be OK no matter what!"

Oh, and as an added bonus, I'm so thrilled that my quads, delts and biceps are beginning to be increasingly visible! I'm so close to being able to do 3 consecutive chin-ups, and that makes me feel pretty badass.

Stephanie Kotz, Pennyslvania

Do you doubt yourself or lack confidence?

Are you unsure of your place in the world or doubt whether or not you're doing the "right" things for your life?

Sometimes we need a mentor to help us see ourselves as we truly are and give us the confidence to make big decisions.

Marie is one of my long-time clients who I've seen grow exponentially over the years. She needed permission to show up in the world as her authentic self, and through WHC she was able to give herself that permission.

Read why Marie says joining this program is one of the best decisions she ever made…

Joining Wholehearted Coaching with Neghar was one of the best decisions I made. She helped me find my power and embrace who I am. Because of Neghar and her authentic approach I have made so many positive changes in my life. If you are looking for a program to transform your life, I highly recommend working with Neghar.

With Wholehearted Coaching, not only did I have Neghar guiding me and supporting me over the last few months, but I had a community of like-minded women cheering me on every day. With this program I have shifted to more intentional living. Nutrition and training are more effortless and overall I have more confidence.

Marie Smith, Wisconsin

If you're craving connection and support, you've come to the right place.

Maybe you feel as though the people in your circle don't really get what you're going through. On the outside, everything is peachy--but on the inside you've got a battle raging.

You know you want o break free and stand in your power, but you need the support of other women who share that desire and can speak your language.

My client Tanya was in a similar situation. She needed sisterhood and connection, and she wasn't sure where to find it--but she found it through WHC.

See what she has to say about it…

The experience I've had with the Wholehearted coaching program was so enlightening.  I never thought it would be possible to connect so strongly with a group of women I've never met!  This program helped guide me to reach my goals, both physically and mentally.  It has helped me find the motivation to strive to be the best version of myself and I couldn't be happier, inside and out. 

All of this was made possible by taking that first step and signing up for this program!  I wouldn't have been able to accomplish all of this without the support and encouragement of Neghar and the group standing by me every step of the way.  It's literally one of the best decisions I've made in my life and has brought me so much joy and peace.  I encourage anyone who is interested in nourishing their mind and empowering their body to sign up asap! 

Tanya Atallah, North Carolina

Do you ever feel alone, left out, or unworthy?

I know I have. In fact, being bullied and feeling like I wasn't one of the "cool kids" was a childhood trauma that affected me for years.

I felt like such a loser when I was home alone on a Saturday night, and my client Laura can relate.

She was feeling alone and unwanted, and attached so much of her worth to how other people received her. But with WHC she learned how to stand in her power and embrace her own worth...

Check out some of her story…

I truly cannot describe how powerful I now feel. I can sit in on a Saturday night without any plans and no longer feel like that's because no one loves me or because I'm not worthy but because I chose to not engage in those activities.

I'm now able to make choices and stand in my own power. I no longer feel that pang of pity or resentment. This program has changed my life for the better. I've learned to speak impeccably, to stand in my power, to make decisions in line with my intentions and with integrity. 

I'm eager to take this feeling of rebirth over to all aspects of my life. I'm engaging in and looking to engage in activities that make me happy, for the sake of being happy. I've let go of relationships that have been holding me down and with the help of this program, I'm now open to allow all the great things that are in store for me to come my way. 

Laura Pizza, Philly

"Neg, this sounds great, but I have a lot of bills and financial obligations."

Girl, I get it! Investing in yourself is something you've been told is frivolous and indulgent, but the truth is that it's necessary.

You only get one body, one life, and once chance to create your story.

Meghan was running a cafe, raising kids, and experiencing financial stress--but through WHC she learned how to balance all of that so she could actually have the energy and mental bandwidth to actually increase her income.

Check out some of her story…

When I saw Neghar's announcement for her WHC course, I had hardly any time and no disposable income. But I felt like I HAD to do it, you know?  So I did, and can say without a doubt that it has been the BEST FUCKING investment I've ever made.  

As a coach and soon to be qualified PT, the personal and professional growth I have experienced over the last 12 weeks has been amazing and, no lie, life altering. I've only scratched the surface, but I feel empowered to move forward with my new tools and the support of not only Neghar but also the other incredible women I've met to keep being the most badass version of myself.  Thank you Neghar, from the bottom of my heart. This shit is real, yo--get on it!

Meghann Birks, Melbourne, Australia

Now I know what you're thinking. "I don't have time for this in my life right now!"

Maybe you feel like you can't afford to allot any resources to something like this. But, really, can you afford not to?

Taking care of yourself is of paramount importance. And it becomes MORE important in moments of great stress or change, not less.

One of my clients, Tiffany, was going through A LOT. She was changing careers, her father was sick, and she was afraid. In fact, she was SO afraid that she almost didn’t join the program. But then she realized that investing in herself an her self care was she needed to get through the hard times.

Here’s what she had to say about it…

Wholehearted Coaching came to me at the perfect moment in my life—starting a year of massive transition (repatriation AND a career change); experiencing a great deal of fear, sadness, and overflow of emotion due to various life circumstances; and processing my dad's terminal illness diagnosis. Neghar's program and guidance were instrumental in my ability to not only NOT crumble into a mess on the floor, but to actually THRIVE and be a positive and stable support for those around me.

Neghar's exceptional abilities to empathize, facilitate growth, and empower women truly make Wholehearted Coaching a once in a lifetime experience. The support and connections with other like-minded women in the group was something I've never had available to me before, which was also was incredibly powerful. I've been fundamentally moved by this program and feel like my path and my existence have and are shifting in dramatic and wonderful ways. 

Tiffany Skidmore, Seoul, South Korea

Are you sick of feeling bored, ineffective, or intimidated at the gym?

I remember when I first stepped into the gym--I had no idea what I was doing!

I was so frustrated with the lack of clear information and all the "rules." I just wanted to be safe, have fun, and see results, without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. What I've discovered through coaching is that so many women have a similar experience.

We know we're supposed to workout but we don't feel comfortable in a gym, or we can't seem to be consistent with a program. Maybe we just don't know how empowering fitness can be and how much it can change our lives.

My client Jamie changed her entire life through WHC and she credits much of that transformation to the workouts provided and the fitness guidance she received. See what she has to say...

This was an amazing experience and an awesome group of women led by an amazing COACH!  The workout programming is well worth the cost of coaching alone.  I enjoyed every single workout I did.  I gained some amazing strength.  I was never bored.  Neghar was always available with suggestions, substitutions, and guidance.

I learned so much and was led into AWARENESS on so many topics.  It was truly life changing. Every week was jam packed with great encouragement and ways to explore the topics.  

Wholehearted Coaching is a life changing experience.  I wish this for so many women I know.  Neghar is encouragement in an amazingly fierce and awesome package.  I only hope that one day, I will get to meet her in person to say THANK YOU!

Jamie Stucke, Edmonton, Canada

These phenomenal women made massive changes to their lives, simply by committing 15 minutes a day to this course.

They found comfort and compassion in their bodies and the confidence to wear bikinis for the first time in years (or ever!).

They discovered that they could do amazing things with their bodies and learned how to stop defining themselves by their appearance—all while doing workouts they LOVED and saving time in the process.

They cultivated stronger relationships and learned how to communicate more clearly with their partners, friends, and even difficult family members.

They even gained the courage and confidence to ask for promotions and raises, stepping into the power that allowed them to truly shine.

And it's your turn to join them. It's your turn to shine. It's your turn to break through whatever bullshit is holding you back and take ownership of your life.

This is your chance to finally feel stronger, more confident, and completely alive. Join us today and don't wait—enrollment is closing soon.



Sharing our stories is an important aspect of wholehearted living. It helps us take the drama and stigma out of stories and begin to change our narrative. Sharing your story takes vulnerability, which is unbelievably hard—but vulnerability also liberates us and allows us the freedom to feel truly connected.

During week one we'll share our stories and use that expression to develop solid intentions for coaching over the next twelve weeks. Setting intentions early on will help us to stay aligned with the kind of life we want to experience.


What inspires you and gives you purpose? Where do you want to direct your energy towards?

During week two we'll uncover our highest commitments for our bodies, careers, and lifestyles—and we will set simple intentions to direct our energy towards those commitments.


In order to step into our power, we need to spend some time learning to reclaim our worthiness and love ourselves as we are. Only once we learn to love and accept ourselves can we begin to show up authentically in the world and cultivate strong relationships with others.


When we hold on to the pain and trauma of old narratives that no longer serve us, we leak our energy into past hurts rather than focus our power in the present. Through shifting perspective and rewriting painful stories, we'll learn to commit to a narrative that is equally true yet infinitely more productive.


Acceptance is not resignation or giving up--it's an affirmation of reality that gives us the power to love and accept ourselves now, as is, while striving to be higher expressions of ourselves. Active Acceptance will teach us how to be both compassionate and productive.


Movement and nutrition have the power to impact our lives on a grand scale--but sometimes we spend so much energy stressing out over doing everything "right" and "perfect" that we miss out on enjoying our diet and exercise. I'll teach you how to take the urgency and perfectionism out of your fitness and nutrition, and inject calm and enjoyment.


Boundaries are absolutely integral to a wholehearted life, and when we have appropriate boundaries-with loved ones, coworkers, supervisors, obligations-we are much more capable of being in our power and controlling our behavior.

By taking the time and effort to both set boundaries and identify the things that trigger us, we are laying the foundation for meaningful connections and inspired work.


Your energy is your life source. It’s what determines whether you’ll be inspired or dull, charmed or annoyed, full of life or lacking enthusiasm. 

Managing, protecting, and directing our energy is one of the most responsible things we can do when it comes to being deeply engaged with life and fully in our power.

There are sources of energy that charge us up, and those that drain us dry. When we get clear on these sources, we are armed with the energy to create, connect, and compassionately engage.


The discomfort zone, as icky as it can feel, is what stretches us. It challenges us to dig deep, to evolve, and to get clear about what we really want in life. When we can confront the uncomfortable conversations and interactions, we get the opportunity to cultivate our communication skills on a higher level.

The discomfort zone makes us level up.


Owning our story and being responsible for our part in the story allow us the space to be fully in our power--and that's what it means to be "empowered." This week we'll learn that there isn't a villain or a victim in most stories, and how we can detach from that in order to live a life of full engagement.


Hitting the pause button on our reactions is what allows us the time to process our emotions in a mature, thoughtful way. This week will discuss naming our emotions and sitting with them before having knee-jerk reactions.


During this week we'll reflect on the past twelve weeks, revisit any topics that require more discussion, and circle back towards our initial intentions for coaching. We'll express gratitude, celebrate our growth, and set intentions going forward.




You're effing READY. You know you want this for yourself and furthermore, you know you deserve it. This is the change you've been waiting for and you're not going to say no to this transformation.

All you need to do now is say a resounding YES to you and your Wholehearted Life, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW. The Winter 2017 session begins January 30th and will be the FINAL session EVER.


Don't wait. Don't keep hitting pause on your life. Don't live one more day uninspired, your spirit dampened by feelings of unworthiness and "never good enough."

Reclaim your empowered, inspired, Wholehearted Life TODAY!

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    I recommend scheduling about 15-20 minutes per day to work on the program curriculum. Think of it as a beneficial and crucial habit that you build into your day, just like working out, preparing meals, and tending to your hygiene.

    If you can carve out a minimum of just 15 minutes per day, you’re guaranteed to reap massive rewards.


    Absolutely not! If you’re already participating in a training program or activity that you love, please keep doing so. You’ll have lifetime access to these workout programs should you choose to use them in the future, and you’ll receive tons of fitness advice that you can apply to any training program.


    The ONLY thing I ask is that you commit to showing up with a willingness to learn, be challenged, and share your story. This program fully inclusive and designed for all fitness and mindset levels, and women of all ages, races, identifications, orientations, and demographics.


    Once you fill out the application, you’ll be taken to an investment page where you can choose from different payment plans. However, filling out the short application requires no financial obligation whatsoever.

    My group coaching is extremely cost effective and far more economical than working with me one-on-one.


    I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to join me on this adventure, so if you hve any questions that haven’t been answered here, please email my team at [email protected] We are here to serve you!


    I’ll be accessible Monday-Friday via our private coaching group. I’ll also host live interactive videos and post several pre-recorded videos to the group.