By: Neghar On: June 14, 2019 In: Featured, Featured Posts, heart wisdom, Mindfulness, Mindset Comments: 0

Lately I’ve been sleeping in until 9—a luxury afforded to me since my 13 year old starting biking to school . I’ve been sleeping for 10 hours a night, thanks to cannabis. I’ve been taking it slow in the mornings, drinking coffee and drawing, pulling Tarot cards, journaling, and stretching before getting to work.

There’s no urgency. No rush.

Lately I’ve been staying in my pajamas until I get changed for the gym at 4:30 pm. I’ve been working from my bed. I’ve been doing all the things “they” say not to do—the lazy, unproductive things that “successful” folks should never do. I don’t have my shit together, at least not in the way hustle culture requires.

Lately I’ve been saying no to just about every social invitation. I’ve been in a deep, extended Hermit phase, my home being my sanctuary. I’m not interested in going out and I’m certainly not feeling pressured or obligated to do so.

Lately, I’ve been eschewing the last vestiges of other people’s rules, refusing to take anyone else’s poison. And I’m so fuckin’ happy. And rested. And healthy. And creative as hell.

It’s helpful, from time to time, to examine whose rules we’ve chosen to follow. I’m choosing my own—I hope you are too.

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