It's pronounced ne-gar (the "h" is silent )—a name given to me by my grandmother Afi. I am the proud daughter of Iranian immigrants, and despite their higher academic pursuits (and much to their chagrin) have chosen a life as an independent, multi medium artist.

I write, illustrate, and photograph—but writing is my first and truest love.

It’s not a choice for me to write, although I’d choose it if it were. It’s part of my cosmic DNA, embedded into my primordial marrow. I truly believe that all art is channeled through the cosmos, messages from the stars that find their way across galaxies, onto our canvases, into the ink of our pens. 

I’ve published four books and am working patiently on another, as well as perpetually illustrating a never-finished oracle deck. When I’m not writing or drawing I’m procrastinating on writing and drawing, and when I’m not doing either I can be found lifting weights, frolicking in nature, or scheming up ways to disrupt the system.

I own Salt + Sorcery, an online shop that carries my art and other sundries which basically means that I pack boxes for a living and tbh it's pretty great. Sixteen years ago I made a lovely human called Isaac. We live together in West Los Angeles with roughly 100 houseplants and close to as many crystals.

Most of the content I share is on Instagram because honestly I’m too fucking tired to maintain a blog, and I've got a dope newsletter called Musings for the Moon if that's your kind thing :).