By: Neghar On: May 20, 2016 In: body image, Featured Posts, Mindset, poetry Comments: 7

You are.

A goddess.

A warrior.

A force of intoxicating, feminine power.

And sometimes you’re a mess.

Sometimes goddesses feel powerless.

Sometimes warriors feel defeated.

Sometimes it feels as though the force isn’t so strong.

And you are.

Still a goddess.

Still a warrior.

Still, and always, a force.

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  • Deb

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  • Wave for Wellness

    Loved it!

  • Heidi Kelly

    Absolutely! I have been through breast cancer ringer twice and I didn’t allow that to stop me, in fact it made me a better person! I became happier, more out going and started a business! We are all goddesses and warriors! XOXO

  • YES! We are all goddesses.

  • Annie

    This is fantastic. I’m printing this out to put somewhere I can see it when I’m a mess but still a goddess warrior so that I remember I am. Thank you!

  • Nice article! First thing everyone should learn to know self-love. This make you feel really good. Thanks for sharing this!