By: Neghar On: December 23, 2019 In: Featured Posts Comments: 0

Last night I was talking with two of my other single friends about how our romantic lives are a total fucking dumpster fire but, like, everything else is a dream come true. Professionally, spiritually, artistically, energetically—I’m more aligned than I’ve ever been.

The human part of us is hardwired to point out the negative things in our life—a survival mechanism embedded in us from our hunter/gatherer ancestry. But don’t forget bbs, we’re cosmic, too. What if instead of obsessing over all the shit that’s NOT going well, we remembered when we wished for all the things we have now?

I knew when I was eight years old that I wanted to be a writer, and here I am making art for a living. And 6 years ago, when I was living on the east coast, all I wanted was to come home to California—where I now reside, just a few miles from the beach that always called to me. So many of the things I wished for are mine now. So many things are good and true.

I’m not here to spew any love and light “look on the bright side” bullshit, because I truly believe we all must endure the dark night of the soul in order to come into our fullness. But I also believe that when we snub our blessings, the universe takes note.

Remember when you wished for what you have now—even if parts of your life feel like a mess, there’s some of it that’s magic, too. Receive that magic. Believe that magic. And so the fuck it is.

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