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Your bones.

Your breath.

Your body.

Your business.

Every inch from teeth to toenails—every wrinkle, every dimple, every curve, every scar, every detail—yours.

Yours to live in with power. Yours to inhabit with love. Yours to adorn and express in any manner you deem necessary, in whichever way you desire.

Yours to admire. Yours upon which to gaze, in which to feel safe—home.

Yours to demand respect and consent—to walk in purposefully and carry confidently. Yours upon which to have an opinion, and yours alone.

Fully, fiercely, fantastically yours.

As January brings it’s customary fresh start, so too come the demands to mold your body to standard; so too come the barrage of requests to obsess over the physical home in which you live—to treat her as though she isn’t enough, as though she isn’t worthy of love, belonging, and connection.

This is a time when resolutions can take us to the dark side, pulling us into behaviors that ignore our inherent worthiness and unmistakable magic. We will hustle to achieve impossible standards of beauty; we will exhaust our bodies, hearts, and souls in pursuit of the appearance that the world has told us is most favorable, most desirable.

We will fall. Flounder. Falter. Fail. Because the world will simply keep demanding more.

The truth is that we are searching is already ours, but the overculture would have us believe otherwise. They want us to think that we need their potions, their miracle elixirs, in order to be acceptable versions of “feminine.” They want us to obsess over our bodies so that we don’t have the time, energy, or resources to stand in our power.

But darling, that is not your work.

As long as we obsess over our bodies—allocating our resources towards that obsession and hustling for our worthiness—we are leaving ourselves depleted and incapable of harnessing our magic. We need to recover those resources, reclaim our worthiness, and reallocate our energy.

This is how we will rise. This is how we will play big. This is how we will live the lives we’re meant to live, standing in our power, whole and heart centered, free and full of magic.

If you’re feeling the pressure to conform, to hustle for a certain physique or hop on the new year resolution train to body image—if you’ve ever struggled with your body image and how you feel within your own skin, I want to encourage you instead to embark on a journey of acceptance.

Ask yourself what you need in order to feel alive—separate what you want for yourself from what the world demands from you. Make your body your own business. Take back your choices when it comes to how you show up in the world, physically and otherwise.

Stop hustling.

Start healing.

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