By: Neghar On: February 20, 2019 In: feminism, heart wisdom, Lifestyle, magic Comments: 0

PICTURE THIS: You’re so hype on your own damn life.

You’re doing work that brings meaning to your life and adds value to others. You go to bed every night believing that you did enough—that you are enough. You’re well rested. Hydrated. Moisturized. Magic lives within your bones.

You don’t give much consideration to other folks opinion of you because you know that it’s your job to validate yourself. You take constructive feedback, but you protect your worthiness and refuse to play small.

You’re having fun with your body because it’s yours, and you refuse to let anyone else tell you what to do with it. You nurture yourself. You’re calm when you need to be. Salty when you wanna be. Unapologetic about showing up just as you are.

You process your emotions at your own pace, and refrain from projecting them onto others. You communicate your needs. You ask for help. You know you don’t have to do it all alone.

You’re done spending time and energy on people and things that don’t serve your highest good. Fuckfolks be gone. Fuckshit be banished.

You don’t believe the myth that other people have their shit together. Instead, you acknowledge that life is messy, and you’re here for it.

You’re a QUEEN, and you know it.

Now, take a few moments to reflect on why this may or may not be true for you—what’s standing in your way? How are you cultivating this mindset? What do you need in order to make this true for yourself? What needs to be shed and released?

Go do that work, bb. Your absolute best life depends on it.

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