I teach womxn how to reclaim their power and unleash their magic

I’m Neghar—word witch, healer, and artist. My soul’s purpose is to help you reclaim your worthiness, power, and magic—to empower you to make autonomous choices for your body and your life, in a world that is hellbent on keeping you small.

I do womxn’s work, which is to say I help all womxn identifying folks on their path of self liberation. I’m here to help you be the QUEEN of your own life—to wear the crown of your own worthiness, and sit on the throne of your own agency.

What you’ll find on this website are words from my salty, sassy soul, intended to help you in your own process of healing and reclamation.

Because I worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 16 years, you’ll also find some older posts about fitness and nutrition.

And while I no longer offer fitness consulting or coaching as a service, I still do Crossfit 5x a week, yoga every day, and hikes whenever Mother Nature calls to me (which is mad often, tbh).

Parts of my multifaceted identity include:

Writer, Artist, Healer, Tarot reader, Witch, Single Mama to a 13-year old who thinks he’s smarter than everyone, Intersectional Feminist, Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Queen of Salt

My work:

My Faves:

Books, camping, houseplants, wine, crystals, yoga, mermaids, tarot cards, tattoos, vintage typewriters, fashion, collecting vinyl, the ocean, tacos, fried chicken, coffee, pull-ups, hiking,  Harry Potter, breakfast burritos

Collaborations + Offerings:

Click the “contact” tab above for inquires on speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, or contributions. If you want me to come to your space to give a talk related to the healing work I do, HMU! For coaching and tarot sessions, click here to see my current offerings.