I teach womxn how to reclaim their power
so they can make their magic

I’m Neg—a writer, meathead, and lightworker. My soul’s purpose is to help you find and create YOUR magic—to empower you to make autonomous choices for your body and your life.

What you’ll find on this website is an amalgamation of mindset skills, fitness musings, lifestyle guidance, mindful parenting, intersectional feminism, and of course, magic.

It’s a mixed bag, just like me. I’m an introvert and a boisterous Leo. A gangster and a gypsy. A wordsmith and a potty mouth. I believe the dichotomy is what truly defines the feminine, and you’ll find a lot of that here.

I’ve worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach for over 16 years, served as an Arabic linguist in the United States Air Force, have been writing since I was eight years old, and birthed a witty and hilarious baby boy twelve years ago.

Who I am

Writer, Artist, Healer, Witch, Mom, Intersectional Feminist, Entrepreneur, Woman on a mission.

What I do

Write, Illustrate, Business Coaching, Life/Mindset Coaching, Tarot Readings, Consulting, Speaking.

Things I love

Books, camping, wine, crystals, yoga, mermaids, tarot cards, tattoos, vintage typewriters, fashion, collecting vinyl, the ocean, tacos,  fried chicken, coffee, pull-ups, hiking, smiling, Harry Potter, breakfast burritos.

Where to find me

Click the “contact” tab above for inquires on speaking engagements, workshops, seminars, or contributions. I love traveling for speaking gigs and would definitely love to come to your city. For coaching and tarot sessions, click the OFFERINGS tab above.