I’m an author, illustrator, Tarot reader, and advocate for collective liberation. 

Other facets of my identity include single mother, and child of Iranian immigrants, but at the end of the day, I'm a cosmic creature masquerading in corporeal flesh—just like you.

I like collecting vinyl, playing backgammon, eating lunch under the shade of a tree, staring at bees and butterflies while they pollinate, drinking whiskey neat, going to the movies alone, and being horizontal.

But my favorite thing in the whole entire world is books: writing them, reading them, and helping other people do both. 

If you need help writing a book, self publishing, or brainstorming and executing a literary project, I'm your girl. Simply book a Creative Counseling session and let's get it poppin.'

Other ways to engage with my work include reading my published books and my newsletter, Chronically Chill. You can also join my book club, The Prose Hoes, or book a Tarot reading.

Thank you for being here—I hope you find a little bit of what you need. xx

(For media or speaking inquiries, wholesale orders, or general queries, please email xo@neghar.com.)