In case no one has told you lately, you're not just a bag of bones and blood—you are literally cosmic debris, made from star stuff, like Carl Sagan said. 

But hey, the human part is sometimes messy—there's grief and there's trauma and they often exist side by side with joy and fulfillment. It can be challenging to navigate this at times, and all too easy to feel alone.

That's where I come in. I've been reading Tarot intuitively for ten years, and I've studied it academically for almost as long. As a word witch, I see the cards as a story, and interpret how that story intertwines with yours. My hope is that your reading will help you get where you need to go, and feel more aligned along the way.

The energetic exchange for a 30 minute reading is $222. We will meet on zoom and talk and commune and share a pocket of time with each other as your story in the cards unfolds. Readings can be fun and lighthearted or emotional and life changing—it all depends on what energy and intentions you bring to the session and what you're open to experiencing.

Thank you for trusting me to hold this space for you. I look forward to seeing your face on my screen :).

I had an incredible reading with Neghar. Her ability to easily interpret the story of traditional tarot and bring it to life in the context of our current consciousness is clear and insightful. I am grateful for her approach - to simultaneously hold space and sit in commune. To be a witness and offer support. Thank you, Neghar!

-Kate S.

Neghar's knowledge of the Tarot and connection to Source contributed to a very personal and illuminating reading. The cards told me what I already knew (don't they always!) but Neghar's interpretations of the cards helped me see things from a new perspective and consider options that I hadn't been able to see before. I am incredibly grateful for her gifts and her ability to hold space for the Big Issues.

-Paige F.

I recently had my first reading with Neghar and what a delight! The way Neghar shared my cards was relatable and also sincere and intuitively on point with where I am currently. I love that days later I’m still thinking about our time together and feel inspired with what’s to come.

-Kristen P.

My reading with Neghar was profound. She was able translate the conflicting messaging I was receiving from Spirit and helped me to pinpoint exactly what I was being asked to focus on & step into.

As someone who also reads tarot I was blown away at the depth Neghar was able to communicate and speak to in just a half hour session. Her communication skills are a treasure for humanity.

I will certainly book with her again in the future —just being in her energy field is inspiring.

-Eliza G.

My Tarot reading with Neghar felt like I was speaking with a friend, comfortable and at ease. The experience was very open and insightful, and I came away waiting to dig in more and schedule another session soon!

-Jamie S.

I've had the pleasure of working with Neghar twice now and her guidance was invaluable. On both occasions, I was navigating huge, deeply personal life changes and I needed some perspective and clarification. I certainly got that in the two tarot readings I received! The first reading was something that I continued to go back and review as a way to calibrate myself as I went through a period of deep healing. I am very confident that this second reading will serve me in that regard as well. Be prepared to be seen and supported while being illuminated to the magic of the universe. You're in good hands!

-Summer L.

I've received a few readings from Neghar, and I always appreciate the energy she brings to them and the space that she holds for me. The messages and her explanations always seem to be what I need to hear, but did not know I needed to hear in that moment.

-Kate D.

I can say with certainty the collective is rejoicing to have our favourite word witch relegating us with her readings again. This is my 3rd reading with Neg and instantly felt like I was reconnecting with a friend conspiring with me and for me! We pulled some serious Majors and we met it with knowing smiles, big laughter, and more clarity. Thank you always.

-Lauren G.

I had my first reading with Neghar, and I feel so lucky! In my personalized reading, I found the wisdom and hope I needed to hear. Neghar's ability to connect with my life experience and express her understanding and empathy is remarkable. Additionally, I feel fortunate to have witnessed her profound intuition with the tarot deck and her compelling ability to deliver the message with heartfelt elegance.

-Karin N.

Neghar did a deeply insightful and meaningful reading for me that, two years later, still resonates. I would put myself in her hands again without hesitation when I need guidance in this messy life. She is a wise, empathetic and above all kind guide.

-Michelle R.

My reading with Neghar was nothing short of incredible. She has an effortless majesty and it is channeled divinely in her Tarot readings. Everything about my reading was genuine, understandable and ultimately, a guided experience that was so deeply needed!

-Karley S.P.

Neghar understands the cards. She reads their messages carefully and consistently, and brings deep possibilities to the surface in accessible ways. The strength of Neghar's reading gave me so much to consider - I'll be thinking about the messages she drew from the cards for a long time.

-Becky V.

Neghar's profound understanding of tarot is delivered with ease and humor. She was able to decipher and present really valuable insights in an approachable way - and her grounded energy allowed me space to sit with the information without feeling overwhelmed even though it was my first ever tarot reading.

-Sandra M.

I have been a fan of Neghar's for years. Her writing is incredible and I've spent many nights devouring her words, crying and reflecting on just how poignant and relevant her stories are and how they have helped me through some very tough times over the last few years. I  recently had an opportunity to meet with Neghar and have my tarot read by her. This experience was incredible and I would highly recommend her services to anyone, especially for anyone looking for clarity in their life. She consulted the tarot and provided a detailed explanation of each card and I was reminded that good things will come, they always do. Thank you, Neghar, for continuing to put magic into the world via your words and art, I hope to work with you again soon!

-Erin C.

A Tarot Reading with me might prove useful to you both professionally and personally, but it's important to note that I am not a licensed mental health professional. I'm simply an artist and a storyteller with a deep spiritual practice and several years experience working with clients. I am here to hold space for you, but I cannot and will not go beyond the scope of my practice.

Click the button above to book your session and you'll be funneled first to PayPal, and then to my calendar. If you don't see any time slots on my calendar that work for you, just shoot me an email at and we will get something scheduled. I am so excited to read the cards for you!