This is something a little more intimate.

Part newsletter, part journal, Musings for the Moon is a channel for me to share my musings from each new and full moon in a way that feels more direct than social media or through my published works. Each message comes from my keyboard, to your inbox, from my heart to your heart.

I truly believe that all art is simply a distillation of messages channeled from the cosmos, and this installation is no different.

Sometimes the messages are a whisper, gentle and easy. Other times they're a siren, lights blinking red, urgent in their delivery. I hope they help you find your way home, even just a little.

As a word witch, writing is my soul's purpose. It's my honor to take up a little bit of space in your inbox, and I promise to honor that space with every single stroke of my keyboard.

This offering is fully complimentary. In the event that it provides value to you, I only ask that you share it with someone who might find the same.

With Love + Salt,


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